Soylent Bag Design


You must have an old pitcher; sorry about that. Current pitchers have two markers; one on the lid and one on the top handle. Makes it easy to get on “just right.”

One statistic: it scores 4.6 of 5 stars on It doesn’t leave a bad impression to the average customer.

But if the Blender Bottle works for you, that’s great. :smile:


I agree with the 500 calorie bags… no ziplock. Just tear open like a packet of instant oatmeal.


I mix my soylent one serving at a time, so I’d prefer a huge resealable 10 lbs. bag of sorts. Trying to scoop powder out the current little bag is annoying and messy. I’m all for bulk packaging. I realize others prepare their soylent differently though.


I use half a bag per day, but the ziplock is such a hassle to mess with, I always end up folding the bag over and clipping it. They might as well not have it.


I agree. There is often powder above the ziplock line. I cut it twice. First cut is at the very top of the bag. This enables me to pull the bag apart so the powder falls down into the bag. Then I make the second cut just below the ziplock. This makes it easy to pour into a blender.


To bring into this discussion an insight shared in another thread, I have learned that Soylent (in powdered form) can stay usable in a sealed container for at least two months. This means that the bulk packaging option is viable, assuming that the top is sealable (like a screw top for a small canister). I don’t see why Soylent can’t be packaged in the diverse range of formats that we find for coffee.


My trick is I tamp the bag down to get all the powder in the bottom and out of the zipper area. Then I cut below the zipper with scissors and then invert the whole bag into the pitcher. Naturally, I am making a whole 2L at once. If was making single meals I’d probabaly invest in a large air-tight tupperware container, or just put a lot in a ziploc bag.


Try flicking each side of the bag a couple of times. It gets almost all of the soylent out (enough to reseal it), and is not tedious. A better bag design would fix this, but this method makes the issue much less frustrating.


Agreed. How about getting Soylent 2.0 for sale at national food stores like Walmart so that when I travel I can only carry enough to get by until being able to buy some locally?


Wish granted…


I have one of the soylent tubs that comes with 12 meal servings. I just dump a couple bags into the tub and use the scoop to measure out portions. Hopefully that may be useful to someone :slight_smile:


It’s easy just to cut open a couple bags and pour them into a soylent tub (the kind with 12 meals) Then just scoop it out from there :slight_smile: that’s what I do :smiley: