Soylent Bar Has Arrived



Not sure why someone would do this; It seems like it would cause a sticky mess.



Guess i was wrong about the price. Too bad.


Looks like it works out to $1.83/bar at the subscription price.


And only free shipping if you order more than 1 box. I’ll try a box, but this is gonna be like 2.0 for me. A treat to put on my Christmas list.


You can’t even order enough bars on a single subscription to go 100%.


Hmm… so about 2x the price of the powder and about 9% more weight?

Other than an occasional snack or for a hiking/skiing mid day meal I don’t think this interests me much. For skiing/hiking a Clif bar would cost about the same (and probably taste better).


Clif bars aren’t much less expensive, have far more sugar and are marginally worse in every other nutritional respect. I am hopeful that Soylent’s fat profile could make it more filling than Clif Bars, which satisfy me for under an hour. Also, the Soylent Bar fat appears to come from algae bioreactors instead of overly processed plant material.


Agreed on nutrition. But < $1/bar (at Costco) is significantly cheaper.


I looked up the sugar content for Clif bars, and the labels show 20-23 grams per bar. (depending on the bar flavor)

That could be seen as comparable to a can of a soft drink. (30-40 grams)

Soylent bar only has 6 grams listed, and of that, a certain portion is isomaltulose, which while still technically “sugar” is better for you than what we traditionally think of as sugar. (sucrose)

Why should I choose a Soylent Bar over a protein bar?

Agreed. I have no doubt the RL product is much more healthy. At the rate I go through Clif bars, a box of Soylent bars would last me a year. My only real point was at that price point my need for such a product is very limited (and much more easily attained via other products). If the price was closer to that of the powder (or the taste was just phenomenal) then I could perhaps see shifting more of my calories in this direction…


It’s tasty, though a bit too sweet for my liking, almost cloyingly so. Other flavours might improve on that. It has isomalt, corn syrup, and sucralose. How many sweeteners does one bar need?


I ended up getting an array of Kind bars on Amazon Subscribe and Save, as well as my monthly 12 pack of 2.0 since its going to be about $0.25 cheaper than buying it here after the SS discount and my cash back on my amazon card.