Soylent Bar + Powder Update


Hello Community,

I wanted to update you on the Bar investigation.

Follow this link for our official statement



@Conor please let the 99.9% keep ordering Powder until you run out. Don’t take it off the market while you make 1.7.

I think it’s time for an AMA with RR. Major damage control time. Not that’s he’s necessarily the best candidate for that. :slight_smile:

So is RL being too progressive on ingredients? Shouldn’t the non-algae ones be proven out in other products at this point?

When will the Powder refund email be sent?


I merged your posts. Try to keep multiple thoughts in one post :slight_smile:


I would greatly prefer the shipments for powder to continue for the 99.9% of customers who are unaffected and depend on the product as a staple part of their diet.


Dem lawyers tho.

When do we stop giving RL more chances? When Joylent has more US stock?


Hello Joylent!


Am I missing something? Doesn’t the statement say that 1.6 is still available to customers?


No. It’s “backordered”.


Certainly sounds that way!

Oh, wait…


I totally just jumped ship right now…


Good for you. Let us know what you think!


Unfortunately that is not an option. We are discontinuing shipments of 1.6 henceforth and will reformulate to version 1.7 immediately. We will resume shipments as soon as we complete the reformulation, produce the new version and get back into distribution. We think that will be in early 2017, or perhaps even sooner.


Considering the fact that there have always been complaints, I predict that there will be complants about 1.7.


1.0 through 1.5 (and 2.0) had complaints about gas, bad flavor and/or texture, and ingredients that people were allergic to. That’s pretty different from the severe vomiting+diarrhea caused by the bar and (to a lesser degree) 1.6. I can see why RL is treating the bar and 1.6 problem different from the earlier complaints. Nobody went to the hospital after drinking 2.0.


If I remember correctly, a total of one person went to the hospital. People can be wrong about what causes illness. RL says that outstanding 1.6 is safe; the ingredient they identified isn’t dangerous, RL said. I have a friend who has repeatedly had stomach problems recently. What would you think if she was consuming Soylent? But she isn’t consuming Soylent. She isn’t consuming anything harmful.
But she is still having stomach problems.


Yeah, it’s not like peanuts are pulled from the market because some people are allergic. Or other food products with soy in them, etc.


Get ready for another wave of damage to the brand in media - obviously, since core product was pulled, it underscores the dangers of meal replacement products, we told you so, company in serious trouble, blah blah.

I’m personally upset because for someone using powder as main food supply, this kind of disruption causes problems too. Going back and forth makes us readjust to fiber content - I know in the end I will pay for this with more discomfort than the few people that reported nausea.


Yeah, they made the wrong decision for 99.9% of their customers. Or maybe the problem is larger than they are letting on. I used to stock one extra month since they always had slow handling/shipping. Then they had it on backorder so I stock two months. Now it seems I may need to stock up to five months. That’s not easy with their FIFO and large batch/near expiration issues.


I can sort of see why they might stop filling new orders for 1.6. (Only sort of. I mean, even the infamous Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears are still on the market.) But why can’t the 99.9% of subscribers who have already established that they can consume the product with no problem opt to continue receiving it?


1.7 will make more brave souls post their experience with “testing” the product. Once we start looking inward for possible symptoms, we WILL find them.