Soylent Bar Update

We’ve heard from a small number of customers who have experienced gastrointestinal issues after consuming Soylent Bars. We do not yet know what is causing these isolated effects, but as a preventative measure, we’ve temporarily halted all Soylent Bar purchases and shipments and are advising customers to discard any remaining bars in their possession. We will be reaching out via e-mail to all Bar customers to offer a full refund. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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This is the kind of company I want to buy food from. (Serious, not sarcastic.) I don’t know of many companies who would go to this length unless they were being forced to by the government.


Oh no!

I had just re-ordered a box of the bars as I was really enjoying them - I love the flavour and wouldn’t change a thing. The only complaint I have (not really) is that they’re addictive - I seriously ran out of the entire box in about 6 days even though I had planned on only eating them occasionally.

Perhaps the gastro issues had to do with people consuming too many at any one time? ;-p

I can’t recall whether I had any issues or not. If I did it probably wasn’t serious enough to warrant reporting.

I just hope Soylent doesn’t change them too much! Now I’m going to have to wait even longer for a new box :’(



Thank you for taking this important step towards rectifying the problem at hand. This is exactly the type of communication that I (and likely many others) had been hoping for since this episode began.

I’m looking forward to finding out what went wrong. Although this is undoubtedly not the situation that you had hoped for, I hope that this serves as a valuable learning experience to help you release high-quality food products in the future.


Very very glad to hear that it’s being taken this seriously. After the posts here of people not believing it was happening and bragging about it not happening to them I was concerned RL wasn’t going to take it seriously either.

I can’t wait to try version 1.1 of the bars.



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We take issues brought up by the community very seriously. Our dev team our on discourse and reddit all the time reading feedback. The community helped get us where we are today. :slight_smile:


So there’s no chance the issue will be narrowed down more? Seems a shame to waste so much if they could be shelved for now.

Well this sucks considering I just got two boxes delivered yesterday!

  1. Eat bars
  2. Receive refund
  3. Party Dance

If it makes you feel any better, you can ship them to me & I’ll eat them anyway.


What about amazon orders? I got some shipping now?

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I bought a box of bars to try when they were released. I enjoyed them and they didn’t made me sick. Therefore I won’t be requesting a refund. Thanks, Soylent!


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Serious proposition:

If anyone has Soylent Bars and will not be eating them, but will be requesting a refund, I am happy to take the bars and pay for shipping.

This means you would have to go to trouble of visiting the Post Office and putting the bars in a package, so I understand if this offer is ignored. But, I’d love your bars.

DM me if you want to do me this favor. (I live in the DC/MD/VA region.)


From the blog:

Though our investigation into this matter continues

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Narrowed down as in narrow. To a particular batch/lot/whatever so we don’t have the environmental damage of throwing out bars that may not be affected.

It’s not the batches that have the problem its the people eating them that have the problem. Apparently some people are more sensitive to the mystery ingredient and it’s making them sick. They need to investigate further to figure out what the offending ingredient is and remove it.


I started doing Soylent BECAUSE I was having stomach problems and food was becoming more and more of an issue for me…

So I’m just happy, to say the least, that I’ve had ZERO problems with Soylent - from the first powder to 1.6, 2.0 & food bars - and my stomach problems have actually gotten considerably better since I started. I have no actual proof, but I chalk it up to Soylent and medical marijuana, both of which I started around the same time.

Regardless, it is starting to feel like a bit of a roll of the dice though with each monthly shipment and subsequent blog update. Even more so after my occasional browsing of this forum.

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So we should throw those people out?