Soylent Bar Update

Sources tell Ars that the soy in the bars is a prime suspect for causing such an intolerance because the bars include soy protein from three different sources and they may not get mixed evenly as the bars are made. Those three soy protein products—two of which aren’t included in other Soylent products—are derived using different processing methods, which could potentially introduce troublesome components. Thus, if a few bars end up with higher levels of one soy protein that contains a sensitizing component, it could be enough to trigger stomach problems for some consumers. The company is said to be looking into the matter.

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Soylent not being mixed properly? I don’t believe.

The worst part is that the flavored and bulk powder will be delayed even more while they all work on this. I think they should back up, drop the drinks and bars (for now), and keep making powder better. Especially with reports starting to come in or drink making people sick.

Soy…or Troublesome Components…or Sensitizing Component…or…I believe they mentioned sucralose as well.

Basically they have no idea.

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@Conor I have a comment and question: It would be safe to assume that the cost of halting Food Bar sales and refunding customers will be a substantial cost for Rosa Labs. Additionally, there was the Coffiest issue where packages needed to be relabeled and sales were paused. Finally, Soylent 1.6 powder was out of stock for several weeks because of an ingredient shortage.

Are there any plans on passing this cost onto the customer in the form of raised prices? For example, do you anticipate the cost of Soylent Powder to increase because of the issues with production across the Soylent product line?


@Soylent Has anyone at Rosa Labs actually seen or met anyone who’s gotten sick from eating Soylent Bars, or is it entirely from forum posts & emails?

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I ate an entire box worth of Food Bars with no issues. One nearly every day for two weeks. First bar out of the second box (separate shipment) made me violently ill. I’ve never had any kind of food allergies. Other people are reporting similar experiences, even eating several bars from a box before getting to one that makes them very sick.

Since the general consensus seems to be that the few hours between eating the bar and getting sick wasn’t nearly enough time for bacterial food poisoning, there’s a good chance that something was wrong with the ingredients (e.g. just not mixed properly). Too much of certain vitamins or minerals can definitely cause you “gastrointestinal distress”, but this was pretty severe.

FWIW, the bar that made me sick didn’t look, smell, or taste any different and I didn’t notice any difference in texture or consistency from the ones out of my first shipment.


Perhaps it’s a combination of the batches and the people… It does seem suspsiscous to me that:
A: nearly all the cases thus far were from 14JUL (with one or two 18JUL) not sure how many batches came before or after, but I haven’t seen any reports from them.
B: many of the victims reported consuming a number of bars prior to getting a bad one… Yeah I guess it could be progressive intolerance, but it sounds like just a few bars had something wrong with them.

No problems here. Both my wife and I have eaten them. But I only use them when convenience is an issue.

We do find them to be too sweet however. I can’t finish a complete bar without using water as it is so sweet.

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