Soylent Bars, are they ever coming back?

It has been six months since the last @Soylent blog post relating to Soylent Bars, which suggested they would be available again in Q1 2017 (i.e. the past). An (admittedly brief) perusing of the forums shows that the last substantive mention by anyone in an official capacity was almost four months ago in which it was stated that it would be re-released “very soon”. I contacted support a month and a half ago asking for any information and received a polite but unhelpful non-answer. Sort of the email equivalent of a shrug. So after more fruitless waiting I figured I would try here. I don’t mind the waiting, it’s the not knowing that is getting to me. Being so far past the original timeline, they could at least provide a status update. Anybody have any information about this at all? Something I’m missing? An inside scoop? A vaguely plausible rumor? A comforting but believable lie? Give me something here.


Well, Conor said they were still working on it at one time. I can’t believe they would abandon such a popular and lucrative idea.

I’m going to imagine that RF was so happy with Soylent Bars, they have decided to make them the leading edge of their rumored breakthrough into commercial stores. Yes, you will soon see Soylent Bars on sale in your local everywhere! They will be available in several flavors, and it is such an ambitious undertaking, they had to be really really careful that everything was right before taking this giant step.

Of course, this is just my dream. But we can hope!


I have to sympathize with the difficulty Rosa Foods faces in re-introducing the bar. First is the matter of making damn sure the bars are wholesome, which means, first, reformulating to not use the algal material. That’s not easy; every little change in ingredient affects the taste and the texture, leading to another round of testing.

Then, I would bet they will want also to find a different co-packer, and that is a long process of research and inspecting and negotiating costs. On top of that, there aren’t all that many candidate co-packers, and some may be leery of associating with the company that made the “barf bar”. From their standpoint, if RF doesn’t get the new formula right, and there’s another round of digestive problems and bad press, their reputation takes a hit, too.

Then there is the whole question of how to handle the press. Remember the blizzard of awful headlines they had to weather? Every headline-writer in the world searched their thesauri to find synonyms for “puke” and “diarrhea”, to produce gleeful “clueless techies made a barf bar, yuck yuck” stories, day after day. It was schadenfreude city for weeks.

All of that will be recalled and re-hashed when the bar is announced. RF and their advertising consultants are probably working hard to find ways to pre-empt that. Probably they are looking for ways to make the bar different from before: new packaging? new size? multiple flavors? Anything to divert attention from the past! If they just bring back the same shape and package as before, there will be nothing for journalists to write about except the old barf stories.

But thinking up ways to make the product visibly different in an interesting way, adds to the complexity of the job. Different flavors especially would take a long time to formulate and test.

Huh, suddenly as I’m trying to think, what could they do differently, I flashed on the image of a bar that is divided into snap-off sections, like a Toblerone. That would be a cool differentiator, eat it all or break off a100-calorie chunk. RF, you’re welcome.


Dave, I really like that idea! That would be tremendously convenient. And I agree that Rosa really has to have a more-than-perfect product ready before they can reintroduce it. Best case scenario is that they put out the most popular complete-meal bar ever made, it’s delicious and affordable, it’s available online and at convenient retail locations, everybody goes crazy for it, and the tech blogs and online mags and newspapers say stupid things like, “Rhinehart finally got the barf bar right. What took so long?”


I totally understand that it is difficult, that’s why I said I didn’t mind waiting. I’m perfectly happy to wait for as long as it takes to get the thing right (although personally I loved the first iteration). I just want some kind of update. Some sign that they haven’t just forgotten about it. If they are going to give us a timeframe (i.e. Q1 2017) then it is not unreasonable to at least expect another message at that time saying something like “Oops, no, sorry, it’s going to take longer. Check back with us in Q2!”


All about the toblerone model


I wish I had been aware of it at the time and tried it. My stomach doesn’t seem to be bothered by minor irritants like some people’s, and to hear the Food Bar described it sounds like it was pretty good.

It was a crumbless joy to eat. I miss it almost every day. An update would be cool I guess.


I feel that a few noisy people with ridiculously weak constitutions ruined it for the rest of us sometimes. I just finished my last stockpiled bar this morning and I haven’t had any issues with a single one over multiple boxes. I have been nursing them along but now I am out and have no idea when they are coming back.


I agree. It is sometimes difficult to subsist mainly on Soylent, and two giant things are missing from the current offerings: 1) solid food and 2) warm food. The bars would help deficit 1) and we haven’t seen anything to fix 2) yet.


I see what you are saying although I don’t agree. All those people did was, quite reasonably, report that they had suffered ill effects from something they bought. This is a completely sensible thing to do and it is hardly fair to blame them for what was ultimately the company’s decision. I do however wish that they would allow those of us who had no such effects to continue buying them in the meantime. Perhaps with a “I won’t sue if I get sick” waiver? :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more. I find myself using significantly less Soylent in the winter because I just want something warm. And there is just something psychologically satisfying about chewing solid food that I don’t get from a drink.

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Don’t think those people are to blame for having weak stomachs. To them lt was basically like a allergic reaction. (And some of them were quite serious)


Algae and many others use it without problems

and is literally accepted as safe by the FDA

i mean the bars have been gone for how many months now? should tell you everything about their blaim/claim without any proof. should be easy to reformulate one ingredient shouldnt it?

meanwhile 20 million portions have been served without any problem

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I think both of you are probably right for the most part. The blame for the knee jerk reaction is with Rosa Labs (although part of the blame is on our abused legal system, but I digress).

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You could always make warm soup out of Soylent.

If you want to (easily) make bars at home, you can just add a small amount (70-80g) of water to a bag of powder, then form/slice/flavor/etc.

(note: not my pics; from the link which also apparently has been tested and works with 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8)


From personal experience, I know that if you make the soup a bit too warm (boiling slightly), it becomes very thick and yucky. I think that to be adequate it would have to be specially formulated.


Maybe just leave a couple bottles out in a hot car during the summer?


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Sure, if I wanted a lukewarm beverage.

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