Soylent Bars, are they ever coming back?


To me, lukewarm means not warm enough.

(of liquid or food that should be hot) only moderately warm; tepid.
“they drank bitter lukewarm coffee"
synonyms: tepid, slightly warm, warmish, at room temperature, chambré
"lukewarm coffee”
(of a person, attitude, or action) unenthusiastic.
"the universities were lukewarm about the proposal from the start"
synonyms: indifferent, cool, halfhearted, apathetic, unenthusiastic, tepid, perfunctory, noncommittal, lackadaisical, unenthused;



You must live in a cooler area than I do. There is nothing lukewarm about the inside of a hot car in the middle of summer where I live.


Well, the bars seem to have been removed from the website completely since the last time I looked. So I guess the answer to my original question is “No”. Gee, thanks for telling us…


I gaurentee that’s what we will say :slight_smile:


I bought a bunch of Soylent bars right before hearing that they were causing some people to puke. I liked the bars but decided to temporarily stop eating them. At some point I was low on Soylent 2.0, so I decided to start eating them again albeit infrequently. By this point I’d eaten many boxes of them over a long period of time with no ill effects. Then I ate one for breakfast one day and not long after, I threw up quite violently. Puking is an extremely rare occurrence for me and I didn’t have any symptoms of illness before eating the bar or a short time after having puked up my guts. It was unpleasant, but it didn’t hospitalize me or anything. I promptly threw away my remaining boxes.

Anyway, my point is that I disagree with the complaint that some people just have weak stomachs. I had no problems with the bars until I suddenly did. Yeah, I admit that there’s a chance that the cause was somehow unrelated, but that seems unlikely to me. I had nothing else on my stomach and it felt like it was the bar that was making me sick. All the factors combined make me 99.99% sure it was the bar and not some coincidence. Maybe if I had ever violently thrown up Soylent 2.0 which I eat much more frequently, perhaps I would only be 99% sure, but as it is, being 99.99% sure that the bar was the cause seems like a pretty conservative estimation of my confidence that it was the cause. I don’t know whether I developed an allergy/sensitivity or if it had some contaminant or if it had spoiled, but I wasn’t about to try to investigate further with the remaining bars because violently puking up one’s guts is sufficiently unpleasant as to thoroughly discourage continued consumption of any food that likely may be related to causing that sort of a physiological response.


Make your own as Soylent ice cream bars? When I purchased a 7 days supply of Soylent 1.7 powder, I experimented to make frozen bars and ice creams using Soylent powder. One Soylent bar idea that seemed to work for me is to mix Soylent power 1.7 with peanut butter and maybe a little milk or water or powdered milk and water to become into a soft cookie dough. Others may want to add chocolate chips, or sugar if you don’t care about your teeth. Then I’d shape portions of the dough into bars wrapped in wax paper and put in the freezer. I can’t remember the exact recipe because I stopped buying the Soylent powder months ago when the price went up to about 100 dollars for a box of 1 week supply. But a nice thing about the powder is you can adjust the recipe for what ever portion size you want. I haven’t tried any recipes with the bottled Soylent.


$100 for a one week supply? I believe it is $54.


I’m like 99% certain Soylent powder has never had a price increase.


There was some trickery once, when RF removed a special deal that had amounted to lower prices for everyone, so we all wound up paying more but magically without higher prices!


Want to say it was somewhere in 6 months prior to Canada having a jump by %30 but it could have been more when version 1.4 had updated to the next version.


I miss them, I used to eat them all the time and had no issues.


They are still in reformulating mode, with our small team the focus short term is RTD and Powder. So expect new powder and drink flavors.


What is RTD?

20 characters.


Ready To Drink. It threw me the first time I saw it too.


Like varialus, “I disagree with the complaint that some people just have weak stomachs. I had no problems with the bars until I suddenly did”. I’d eaten about 5 bars (I don’t remember the exact number) with no problems, and I also have a strong stomach (I’ve had food poisoning twice, both times from the same restaurant which of course I never went to again). When I started throwing up violently and then had difficulty maintaining consciousness, something that had never happened before, I requested medical help for the first time ever. The paramedics decided to take me to an ER in an ambulance while trying to keep me from passing out. It never occurred to me that the Soylent Bar I’d eaten could be the cause; I thought it might be one of those noroviruses I’d heard about. The doctor at the ER told me that my white cell count was very high, consistent with fighting infection (so once it started dropping they knew I’d be fine and stopped trying to figure out the cause of the problem). The following week I got an email from Rosa Labs telling me that the product was being recalled. To say “I was fine with eating the bars so there can’t be anything wrong with them” (which was also the original reaction at Rosa Labs) shows either a lack of basic logic (this apple is red so all apples must be red) or a disregard for others. Oh well, I too miss the bars and look forward to a reformulated version.


Another lack of basic logic is assuming correlation equals causation.

You think eating a food bar gave you an infection? What bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite do you suppose was in that food bar that might have given you an infection? That’s a new one.


We have a question of probabilities, and a question of what level of confidence should be required to suspend a product. Some people won’t think that a product they like should possibly be suspended until it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it caused severe illness, but that level of proof might not arrive until deaths start.

I wasn’t clear about the “infection” thing, sorry. The hospital doctors assumed that a norovirus or other infection was the cause of my problem, because that’s the usual cause, plus there was a high white cell count (consistent with infection), plus there was no suggestion to the contrary (I had not mentioned eating anything questionable, because all I’d eaten was a Food Bar and I thought they were safe since I’d eaten a bunch of them from the same box with no problems). But a high white cell count can also be caused by inflammation – which can be triggered by a severe allergy (hmm, what kind of thing can cause a person to be fine for initial exposures and then on a new exposure have a violent reaction…).


So the doctors were wrong, got it.