Soylent bars "making people sick" articles


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Time article on recall

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That’s bad right?

“According to scientists, Soylent 2.0 does not offer complete nutrition.”




The sources suggested that the complaints might be due to a sensitivity to sucralose, an artificial non-caloric sweetener commonly found in products like Quest Nutrition Protein Bars and Powerbar Reduced Sugar Bars. There is three times as much Sucralose in Soylent’s bar (about 30 milligrams) compared to the 1.6 version of the company’s drink powder.

The number of complaints about its bars represents about .03% of those sold. The bars typically undergo multiple quality control programs for yeast, mold, and other microbacterial testing.

After acquiring boxes from customers who complained, Soylent employees personally consumed the boxes’ remaining bars without effects. At this time, Soylent has no plans to dial back the amount of sucralose in the bar, but may re-formulate in the future.


Funny how they tell websites more info than they tell us on their own forum.


I do tell you info. I generally tell you more info. But i’d rather have all the info before I speak. In this case we are testing bars. We’ve eaten bars sent to us ourselves. Myself included. All our evidence leans towards people having an ingridient intolerance.


They have to balance multiple things. Until they actually know something the best they can do is acknowledge the issue and say they are looking into it. They don’t want us flying off half cocked on stuff that may end up being wrong. But I agree they don’t communicate very openly once they do have a handle on things. They haven’t been an open company for a very long time.

Conor, I’ll be the first to say that I always appreciate your candor and responses to customer concerns in every instance, and this case is no different. And in no way to do I doubt that you and the entire Soylent team are earnestly looking for the real cause and right solution for this problem.

But, I have concerns about the hypothesis that this is caused by individual intolerance to an ingredient, primarily because of the (admittedly anecdotal) stories from a number of people on this forum.

Specifically, I don’t think simple intolerance explains how some people were able to consume several bars with zero ill effects, then became violently ill after just one more bar. If an intolerance exists, I would expect symptoms to either manifest immediately after the first bar, or to start off mild and get progressively and noticeably worse with each successive bar.

Can your share your thoughts on this?


Thank you for the confidence.That’s why we are still doing on going testing. Even if this was to magically go away over night we would still continue to test. Once we know the root cause we will inform you. I don’t want people to feel like we are not treating this seriously. We are.


Echo my thanks for the updates; I appreciate hearing (from you and from support) that this is still being actively investigated.

I’m shipping y’all some bars on Monday (one from an “incident” box and another unopened box from the same batch) to experiment with. Hope this can get narrowed down.


Thank you for shipping us the box, all the evidence helps. We are working with a top food lab to source the problem.


So you DO want the bars now? I was originally told told to discard them – but have not yet. I would be happy to donate them to science if we can get to the root of this.

We had been selectively taking them in, but now we are asking for them all to be sent in.


I’ve got ~14 bars from across two boxes, all of which are from exactly the identified lot & timestamp… what do I need to do to send them to y’all?


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Some more articles from the last day (also adding to original post above):

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My suspicion is that the article says scientists don’t consider 2.0 to be complete nutrition because it doesn’t meets100% of the new FDA Daily Values or the IoM’s DRIs, only the old, outdated Daily Values. However, there’s a reason the FDA gave companies until July 2018 to switch, and I have no doubt that subsequent Rosa Labs releases will meet those higher requirements.

When the gizmodo article makes the claim that 2.0 does not offer complete nutrition, it links to an article from 2013 before Soylent was 1.0 even released. Seems a bit sloppy.

Then again, I don’t exactly turn to gizmodo as my main source of news.


So is this a silent recall?

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They are having customers that report problems send in their remaining bars. They are not proactively having all purchasers return them.

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