Soylent bars (solid Soylent)

As some of you may have heard, Joylent has recently started selling Joylent bars called “Twennybars”(400 cals / 20% DVs). Has anyone here tried them? I would but the shipping from Europe is too much for it to be worth it. Hopefully this gets Soylent moving a little faster to get “Soylent bars”? ready because I’d much rather eat a bar than drink a drink for several reasons.

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watch this video and like it… joylent is trying to find out how much interest there is for the product so we can order it in the US with free shipping Video

also they did start selling them last monday a week ago and they sold 3k in the first 10 minutes

I usually post any news about health or anything soylent related here (facebook) there are more videos about the joylent twennybars

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I’d love to grab some bars and head out camping. I’ve considered other options like mealsquares however the short shelf life is problematic. I’d love to see Soylent bars.

Nice Facebook page.

Two (minor) observations: the consensus is Purelent has folded, and the German company Actibest is pretty unethical. They represent themselves as “The German Soylent”. They are not associated with Rosa Labs.

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Tweeny bars are fairly high in sugar, which is disappointing.

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Lots of milk listed in the ingredients for the bars too.

And this reassuring note:

I hope “excessive consumption” is defined as 10-20 and not <5.


If Rosa Labs comes out with a product such as bars or cakes or cookies or crackers, I hope they name it something other than Soylent.

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Trad you’re not supposed to be violating your NDA and giving out those future products!


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So, a TPPS report? I think we have one ‘P’ too many…


Please consume with caution. If you get sick after eating your first bar DO NOT assume that it is just a virus. I consumed for breakfast on two consecutive Friday and had a violent vomiting reaction about 1.5 hours later. The first time I thought it was a virus – now I know that was not the case. If your order has this stamp 16:02 B.B. 14JUL17 F3 1966. DO NOT CONSUME. I am not the only one who has had this reaction. There is a separate thread about it. I have been in touch with Soylent. I drink 2.0 without issue.

Please don’t cross-post.

As you wrote; there is a separate thread for this. And you already posted your warning several times in that thread, and others.


Thanks for bumping this necro post! Glad to see you are concerned about flooding the forum needlessly.

Got it Already got the message from Conor. I was new to reddit. I am seriously concerned about the health risks of the issue with the bars and was just tying to get the word out. Not going to happen again. I said my piece and I am done with the thread.

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This seems a little passive-aggressive…

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