Soylent bars - Why So Satious?


OK I can’t really explain this one.

Last night I decided to take a stab at Soylent bars again. Here is the basic recipe:

2 Tbls maple syrup
2 Tbls canola oil (or oil blend)
6 Tbls liquid Soylent (or as needed for consistency)

1 cup dry Soylent poured into silicone molds, Microwaved on high 5 mins. Made 8 bars.

Frankly they cooked unevenly, some are quite hard and some are nicely soft (though they are fairly tasty). I need to try again with a regular oven. But here’s the weird part…

It is now 7:42 PM and I have not had one drop of Soylent since some time last night before I went to bed. I was fairly hungry this morning so I started off with a Soylent bar and some water (maybe 6 to 8 ounces) around 8am or so. Then I had another and some water in the early afternoon. Again hunger vanished. Then I noticed about 90 minutes ago that I was quite hungry again, so I had 2 bars and some water. Once again, hunger has vanished. Though at the moment I’m noticing that I’m feeling my usual evening munchies.

So all day, I’ve had maybe 3/4 of a cup of Soylent, and a little maple syrup. WTF!!! How in the world does this make any sense? I should be absolutely ravenous… but I’m not. No way I could have made it all day like this on 3/4 of a cup of liquid Soylent. So what could possibly account for this? Is there some reason that solid form Soylent would be far more satiating than liquid??

Extremely puzzled at this…


I have the same issue to understand how Soylent blow away my hunger (even with traditional prepared Soylent).


Yes but the difference here is that liquid Soylent does not do this. Not at all like this. Liquid Soylent does satisfy my hunger fairly well, but not such a small amount. If I drink only 1-2 ounces of liquid Soylent (roughly the amount of 1 Soylent bar) I will be starving again in an hour. Maybe less. The idea of going nearly 24 hours on maybe 6 or 7 ounces of Soylent is unthinkable, yet that’s what I did yesterday. I can’t explain it.


Maybe the bars are acting like bread does?; swelling in your stomach because of the water. Did you use 1.3 or 1.4?


Actually this was with some of the last of my 1.2. I had another thought on this… maybe it’s a speed of consumption thing. Normally I would drink an equivalent 2 ounces of Soylent in a matter of seconds. But 2 ounces in bar form, took more like 5 to 10 minutes (I ate it as we took a several block walk). Maybe the act of it more slowing reaching my digestion, gives my brain a chance to realize it’s got nutrition coming to it, whereas with a drink I’m just downing it so fast that I’ve had 10-12 ounces before my brain even realizes it?

I dunno, I’m just really blown away at how impossibly-filling these seem to be, given what they’re made of. I just made a second batch (conventional oven this time) today so will see if these have the same effect again tomorrow.


Your math is just wrong. You have 1 cup of powdered soylent divided amongst 8 bars, so 1/8th cup per bar. Then you have 6 tablespoons in 8 bars, so that is 3/8 of a cup in 8 bars, so about 0.047 cups per bar. So that is a total of 1.297 cups per bar, or 10.375 ounces.

EDIT: That total is just the soylent, not counting the maple syrup or canola oil

EDIT2: wezaleff pointed out a mistake in my math. I had the decimal in the wrong place when I added it all together(the downside of using multiple google tabs for math instead of a calculator). Actual weight is 3.34 oz.


There is no way 1 cup dry Soylent + 6 tbsp liquid Soylent divided into eight bars would result in 1.297 cups of Soylent (dry or prepared) per bar.

1 cup dry Soylent / 8 bars = 0.125 cups dry Soylent per bar (approx 58* calories of 1.2)
6 tbsp liquid Soylent / 8 bars = 0.75 tbsp prepared Soylent per bar (11 calories of 1.2)
2 tbsp canola oil / 8 bars = 0.25 tbsp canola oil per bar (31 calories)
2 tbsp maple syrup / 8 bars = 0.25 tbsp maple syrup per bar (13 calories)

So I’m getting 113 calories per bar. Unless the one cup dry Soylent is per bar, but they would be massive (and 518 calories per bar). @vanclute?

*This is a wild guess. If someone can weigh how many grams of dry Soylent 1.2 are in one cup we could make a much better estimate.


Redid my math, getting 3.34 oz of soylent per bar, which is about 94 grams. A single serving of soylent is 115 grams, so he is getting almost a full meal per bar(about 408 calories).

All of this is assuming I didn’t make a dumb mistake on my math like I did previously lol.


How are you converting one cup of dry Soylent 1.2 to ounces?


google estimate, cups to ounces… it is imprecise, but gives an idea. To accurately know how much it would be, you would have to measure and weigh by hand. Also, I’m fairly certain he is using 1.4, not 1.2


He said he was using 1.2 (scroll up; I did my calculation with 1.4 originally and had to redo it for 1.2).

You can convert cups to fluid ounces, which are both a unit of volume, but we’re talking about grams or “normal” ounces, which are both units of mass. I based my 1.4 estimate (which was 128 rather than 113 calories per bar) on the legacy measuring scoop instructions (it lists both grams of Soylent and ml of water per scoop, thus giving me an estimate of grams per ml). I then revised it down based on the lower caloric density of dry Soylent 1.2 vs. dry Soylent 1.4 (due to the oil being separate).

At least one of us is wrong since our estimates are so far apart (113-128 calories vs. 408 calories). I don’t have any 1.2 to weigh but I could weigh some 1.4.


I’d go for trying 1.4, I’d weigh it myself(I’m just curious now), but I have no Soylent lol.


I weighed one cup of 1.4 with my cheap scale (for science!) and the result was 126 grams. I’m sure this is somewhat variable but that means one cup of 1.4 is about 548 calories, so the dry Soylent would contribute 68 calories per bar (my original estimate was 73 calories per bar from 1.4). So that would revise my 128 calories per bar (1.4) estimate to 123 calories per bar (1.4).

The 1.2 is a shot in the dark; assuming similar density (is that even the right word?) I think it would revise my 1.2 estimate down from 113 calories to 109 calories per bar. I’m pretty confident in the 1.4 estimate; I think the 1.2 estimate is off but not greatly.

Pic or it didn’t happen:

I think the amount of Soylent per cup can vary +/- at least a few percent, so take all this with a grain of salt (unless you are on 1.4!).