Soylent Batch #2 time?


Ok we ALL know that the first batch of soylent, soylent 1.0, the long awaited batch is on its way.

But I am not planning to go 1 or 2 weeks on Soylent, I want it for a long time, as in forever if it works. So here’s my question.

When is batch #2 coming? Is there going to be another 5 month wait before round 2, or will I be able to order another week of soylent when the 2 weeks I’ve been waiting for run out?

I only have 2 weeks of soylent coming because I want to make sure I actually like it before I buy a months worth, but if it is good, I will want it! How long will we have to wait for the second batch? I’ve looked but couldn’t find it, but who knows maybe I’m stupid and a simple link will be enough.


I can’t say for sure that they’ll be able to keep this promise, but Soylent has said a number of times that one of the primary reasons for all the delays is that they are prioritizing the ability to have a steady supply. It’s very important to them that people who order 2+ weeks worth will not have to go any time without.

Basically, we should be good to go…but I don’t happen to have a link.


It is our highest priority to ensure that all Soylent customers are able to reorder for immediate fulfillment from day 1, and we have taken steps to ensure this is the case:

  • Our initial order is for roughly 2x the amount of Soylent currently pre-ordered.
  • Additional manufacturing runs are scheduled for the next several months.
  • We will only allow as many new customers as we can support, given that reorders will get priority access to inventory.


Does that mean you’re prioritising new US customers over international orders?

Or will us international backers get our hands on Soylent soon?


[quote=“JulioMiles, post:3, topic:12201, full:true”]
It is our highest priority to ensure that all Soylent customers are able to reorder for immediate fulfillment from day 1, and we have taken steps to ensure this is the case:[/quote]

It’s really refreshing to see someone say “this is our highest priority” and then actually list what they’ve done about it. Most people just say “this is our highest priority” and then give no evidence that it’s anything above “mildly desirable”.


Unfortunately international orders are not included in these estimates, we hope to be shipping internationally by the end of 2014.


Well, being an early backer I’m disappointed to hear that, but I can understand it must be a logistical nightmare. I’m sure I’ll get over it :wink:


I will likely order another month right away just as soon as I use it for a few days.


So I haven’t yet bought any, but I am interested; if I ordered a 2 week supply how soon would I be likely to receive my order?


A recommendation for everyone:

Give Soylent a week.

I’ve read literally every post on this forum and a few blogs from the DIY group and I’ve seen a repeating pattern I’m not sure others are aware of. When making this kind of major diet change, it seems to take about a week for your body to “adjust”*. During that time some people have complained about tiredness, hunger, headaches, gas, diarrhea, etc. With the exception of those that are still experimenting with their recipes, everyone seems to feel really great after that one week adjustment period.

Hopefully the official Soylent is so well engineered that our bodies just jump for joy after the first glass, but in the event that it doesn’t seem to agree with you at first, try to stick with it for at least that first week to see if your body adjusts accordingly.

*This is also what I’ve heard from people going on long-term “juice diets”.



About a month, hopefully sooner since we should be able to scale up shipping quickly.