Soylent becoming less filling?


I’ve been on about 50% Soylent for almost 2 weeks now and am overall very happy, but I noticed something that strikes me as peculiar.

My first couple days of Soylent, when I had ⅓ of a pitcher, it was super filling. I would be so full I didn’t even have interest in any other food! But it seems that every day on Soylent, this feeling is less pronounced; after the first week, soylent was still satisfying, but never made me feel full. Yesterday I got hungry a few hours after my meal, and just this morning I had my usual 2 big glasses and was still hungry right after. Honestly, I could have happily had another serving, or eaten another breakfast.

Has anybody else experienced the same thing? Perhaps it is because I’m having fewer calories than before and my body is starting to let me know it could use more than this, but I would still expect to feel full after eating 670 calories in a sitting!


I have noticed the same thing, I am been drinking Soylent for breakfast and lunch (version 1.0) for about 4 weeks and the first 3 weeks I felt very full after drinking about 300 to 400 ml. The last few days or so I have felt pretty hungry and hour or so after lunch and have been really craving my normal dinner. I am purposefully reducing my calorie intake to about 1700 calories per day to lose some weight and have lost about 8 pounds in the 4 weeks without much trouble. But this last week I have noticed that I seem to be hungry much more often.


I’ve noticed this as well on my 1.0 supply. I’ve actually gone back to mixing the oil in at the same time to bring back some of that grittiness I worked so hard to eliminate last month in the hopes that it will ‘bulk up’ the Soylent.

I’m still happy with it but it makes me worried about 1.1 with all the reports of its consistency being thinner.


I made my first batch of 1.1 on Monday and it really is thinner, I added some extra malted milk powder and that helped but also added extra calories. I found some Xanthan Gum yesterday and I am going to add that to the next batch to see how that works.

The biggest difference I noticed with the 1.1 was a slightly bitter taste that was not present in 1.0. I think it really needs a bit more sweetener to mask that taste,


Especially when you add 500mg of sodium :smile:


@wms All these changes…from fullness to hungriness…on the same version?


Yes, these changes for me are all on v1.0. I have one bag of 1.0 left, then I’ll have to open up the 1.1 packages. I hope the problem doesn’t get even worse there!

One thing that I think might work would be if the oats weren’t powdered so fine. I suspect that if it was more of a gruel, less of a broth, it might feel more substantial in my stomach, but that’s just a guess. I also suspect most people wouldn’t like an oatier food so the point is pretty much moot.


Your experience sounds a lot like mine. Does the Soylent become more satisfying after giving in and having a normal meal?

In my case, I discovered my nutritional needs varied from the RDA. I’ve been making slight tweaks and increasing the levels of vitamins I find in the foods I’m craving, and it makes Soylent far more satisfying. It was a while before I actually added anything with calories, yet the non-caloric additions still made strong impacts on my satiety.


I haven’t noticed any difference after a normal meal. But I’m not 100% soylent anyway; all my dinners, and about half my lunches, have been normal food.

I’ll keep watching it. I hope it is just lack of calories; I think my non-soylent lunches are probably quite a bit more than 670 calories, so that is likely to be the difference.


Ah, okay. If that’s the case, then calories seems likely. Have you calculated your BMR yet?


Yes, according to the calculator here I should be having around 2180 calories a day. 1333cal of soylent plus a reasonable dinner should be plenty…but probably still it is less than I’m used to.


I’m thinking MAYBE some empty/useless bulk needs to be added. For example with real food, the body digests it and there’s some crap left over that makes up feces. That crap in the food also makes us feel more full when we eat it.
If what we eat (soylent) is 100% efficient and has no “crap”, what is the large intestine going to do? Nothing? Its going to feel sad that it has nothing to do and complain to the stomach and we might feel less full.
I know there’s already 33% fiber in one meal. Maybe something else should be added too. Just a thought.


I too started adding more vitamins to my daily routine (along with some salt :stuck_out_tongue:) and its helped my satiety as well! In my case, I just got a woman’s vitamin from the store and thats been helping. Also I adding less water seems to help a batch fill me up too!


Soylent 1.1 (and 1.0) has 25 grams of dietary fiber per 2000 calories. The average American eats about 15 grams of dietary fiber a day while eating well over 2000 calories. Your guts already have lots more to do with Soylent than with the typical American diet (and some people have found it takes their guts a little while to adapt to the fiber increase from their previous diets).

Soylent is designed to have everything we know you need, including the fiber. It probably isn’t perfect, because we’re always learning, but nothing that obvious is left out.


Which vitamins did you add?..if you dont mind answering.


Kennesaw, can you post an update on your experience adding the Xanthum gum? I have only tried 1.1, but I do not find it very filling, and I wondered if thickening it would help. Does the Xanthum gum change the flavor? (I already add the recommended 1/4 tsp salt and 2 packets of Splenda.)

I used less water in the first batch I made (sort of by accident), and it felt a little too powdery in my mouth, almost making me cough. I also haven’t wanted to use less water because I’m too lazy to recalculate my serving size (I use 3/4 a pouch so I can have a snack or two and still be under 2000 calories). So, I think the less-water route is not ideal…


I really messed up the first time I tried adding Xanthum Gum to the 1.1 mix (full bag of Soyment). I added a whole teaspoon and it made the batch so thick it would barely pour out of the container.

The next batch I used a quarter teaspoon and it worked perfectly. The consistency was almost exactly like the 1.0 mix. I did not notice any taste from the Xanthum gum, but it certainly added body and in my opinion makes the 1.1 much more filling.

I also add 2 tablespoons of Nesquik chocolate powder and 2 tablespoons of malted milk powder. I think it tastes like a chocolate malt!.


Of course! I added the GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Active + Metabolism vitapak BUT i took out three pills, the two metabolism ones, and the L-Carnitine one (red, green/brown, and white) and left the fish oil pill and the 2 vitamin and mineral pills. I figured I didnt need those anymore because they made me really hungry!