Soylent becoming more solid like porridge? Other uses/possibilities?


Hi there…
I’ve just seen a documentary by the Youtube channel “MotherboardTV” about Soylent and how a person tested in 30 days, and i couldn’t stop wondering:

Hmm… how could you make the product more attractive to larger quantities of people?

Some of the differences between food and Soylent is the process of chewing your meal.
Normally you would have to chew your food, which isn’t necessary when using Soylent, but the question is, wether this is regarded as a postive or negative thing.

Personally, I would rather like food that I could bite or chew, so the question is how to apply these characteristics to Soylent.

I mean, wouldn’t it be practical if you could just heat your mixture of Soylent and water, so that it would become mushy, porridge alike or almost solid (to a certain degree)?
Btw, heating seems to be the easiest way to treat or deal with food, i mean you could freeze it
(might be a bit difficult), but heating also takes care of unwanted bacteria (if any).

Achieving that (the porridge-like or solid state of the Soylent-mix), I think that the “adaption” from real food, to this “artifiacial mix” would become easier…

Besides, I don’t think you see the potential of this product. Since it has proven almost to be a substitute to real food (I’m not saying that it should be substituted for real food completely), maybe it could be used as a kind of emergency aid for people in need, fx to prevent people from starving in Africa.
(In general: a prevention of world hunger).

Anyway, I’m just saying what I think is relevant for the development of this product, since I don not look upon it as the ultimate outcome…

Feel free to comment and I am sorry if you experience trouble understanding my English.

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Well, while it still wouldn’t be quite “chewy”, I remember reading somewhere that with the right under-allocation of water, Soylent (or at least a few DIY versions) approached the consistency of eating unbaked cookie dough. So, since it’s a pretty neutral base taste, with the right application of flavorings, and maybe a few chocolate chips…

every single “yes” I have.


There are people who made cookies out of their diy soylent with mixed results… but yes, you could simply add less water if you prefere a different consistency…

Personly I am looking forward to just drinking it.


Some of us are already making solid soylent (which sounds like it’s from a Metal Gear spoof…)

Soylent Key Lime Cake and Soylent de Gallo are the flavors I have lined up for tomorrow. :smile:
Consistencies for soylent can range from oatmeal to cake to crumbly shortbread to crepes depending on liquid content and what form of cooking, if any, you use.