Soylent Beta Program

Dear Soylent Supporters,

Continuous development and improvement have always been at the core of what we do here at Soylent.

The first Soylent Beta Program was founded immediately after Rob’s original 30-day experiment. This early iteration of the program consisted of a small yet diverse group of individuals in the Bay Area who used and reviewed Soylent as it underwent heavy development. The feedback gained steered what became our first release.

A second, larger program was later founded to expand the scope of testing to include packaging, delivery, and messaging. Then, after 1.0 began shipping an even more robust program was launched to further improve the product. The multiple features and fixes we have shipped since are the direct result of many helpful testers in the Los Angeles area sampling hundreds of prototype blends.

With their help the company has grown immensely in the past year. As the powder begins to approach stability, we have increased our development throughput and greatly expanded the scope of what we are building. It has become clear that a new testing infrastructure is needed to assist in the development of the many different products and services in our pipeline.

Soylent powder is here to stay, but it is only the beginning. We hope to use this new beta platform to develop products faster, better, and with more community involvement. And we need your help! If you’re interested in participating, we encourage you to sign up at

We can’t wait to show you what we’re building.

Thank you,
The Soylent Product Team


Will the beta program allow those not in a drive-able distance to Rosa Labs still participate in Solyent Science?

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Yes, we want a broad base of beta testers. :thumbsup:


Sweet! I am on the Soylent Science beta waitlist now. Excited to see how I can help.

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I must eat food…for science!


When a new version comes out in beta (i.e. Soylent 1.6 Beta), will I get to choose what my next shipment will be (Soylent 1.5 vs. Soylent 1.6 Beta), or will it automatically be 1.6 Beta? What if I don’t like the 1.6 Beta? Can I switch back to receiving 1.5 while still remaining in the Beta program?

How will this work with the solid state version of Soylent that Rob talked about in his AMA? When that comes out in Beta, it won’t auto replace my powder, will it?

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Nice! I signed up. Be warned: I’m Canadian and I drink Beer. So you’ll get my unedited opinion whether you like it or not. And then I’ll apologize about it after.

Site seems quite… devoid of content, ATM.


Yeah, very curious what the details of the beta program will be.

From what i’ve been told the program will be a lot more expansive then just getting beta blends.

Is this program going to be a pay-to-participate sort of thing? 'Cause I’m broke, but I’d love to help out however I can.

When should people on the waitlist start getting contacted?

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The two most important questions here.

I don’t mind paying as long as it is reasonable. For example, I would love to try V1.5 without the potassium gluconate. I would buy a weeks worth and add my own potassium citrate. I could then give feedback whether it solved the death farts or not. Since potassium is a pretty cheap part of the product I wouldn’t even complain about paying full price, but would expect some kind of discount as I would be a guinea pig.

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I’m guessing that after a set period the people who signed up for beta will be getting a survey.

Nevermind :sweat_smile:


I sure hope this Beta program includes some flavored Soylent. I enjoy stimulating my taste buds.

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I’m in! I’ll soon be able to afford Soylent again.

Also, I love that they named the team that manages the beta, “science”.


What are the chances a person in Denmark can help with the beta program @Conor :wink:

We will be accepting applications the world over. As we move into new markets those who signed up first will be given priority into the beta.


So any information on when this beta program will begin? I’m planning on ordering Soylent this weekend, but I don’t want to order some and then have to pay for a beta product too.

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