Soylent Billboard?


“Soylent is the galaxy’s easiest meal”

I spotted this on the way to work this morning at the corner of Redondo and Venice Blvd here in Los Angeles. If anyone thinks they can get a better image or has seen similar billboards please post.


From that awful Gizmodo article:

Judging by the photo I took below of a Soylent billboard in LA, I’m not sure if that astronaut is holding the product or if she is the product.

I also saw this one looking for the other one:

Soylent Says It’s ‘Pro GMO’ When It Really Should Be Pro Food

In the artsy, liberal Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park sits a giant billboard that simply reads “Pro GMO | Soylent.” The maker of the controversial meal replacement has been plastering up these“Pro GMO” billboards and ads to drive web traffic and sales. But what exactly does it mean to be “Pro GMO?”

Also, for those of you playing at home, take a drink:

…this product, which took its name from the 1970s sci-fi movie starring Charlton Heston…


At least now we know where that billboard is located.


Love the “Pro GMO” one!


Billboards are still a thing?


Do you never look up when driving around? They are everywhere.


I don’t expect road hazards to come from above. I focus on surrounding traffic, road signs, traffic lights, sidewalks, ditches, crosswalks, the roads themselves…but not the sky. If an airplane or a bird is on a collision course with me while driving I probably can’t do anything about it anyway.

When I’m a passenger I look up, but rarely see billboards other than the ones on the highway advertising hard-to-find tourist attractions. Maybe I just have some sort of psychological ad-blocker running when I’m out and about :smile:


Aha! So you have seen them and knew they were still a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This appears to be a different “Pro GMO” one than the other one. (In front of a parking deck or something? The other one further up on this thread appeared to have sky behind it.)

I wonder how many they have up?


Saw this one on Twitter.