Soylent Bread (Or other solid food made from Soylent)

Hello! I’m an avid fan of what soylent is and what it does. I mainly have it for breakfast every morning and I’ve started taking it to lunch at work to save money. Alas, the texture is growing really tiresome for me. The flavor is still fine, but my stomach has started to protest me throwing down all liquid and no solid every morning.

What I would love to do is make it into a bread - I checked and didn’t see a similar thread, but was wondering if anyone has tried this before, what recipe they have used and what the results would be. All the better if they can tell about how well it stores and how well it mixes with other flavors (for example, cinnamon is awful to mix with the powdered drink, but would probably work great on a bread).

If people are interested but nobody has tried it before themselves, I shall begin to experiment myself and share the results here. May the makers (of soylent) have mercy on our souls.

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Search for a user named Croatiansoylent. He has a bread recipe that looked very intriguing to me. And it is quite inexpensive.

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For easier finding, here is the link:

Heat will destroy the vitamin C. So drink some orange juice with your Soylent bread.

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Thanks @geneven. I’ve saved that recipe for later. Though, what I was looking for was a way to use the 1.5 powder itself. Though, a coworker brought in a sample of 2.0 and I found it quite palatable - I might just switch to that. But in the meantime, I have a good month worth of 1.5 to use up.

I found a soylent cake recipe. I’d have to go find it again, but I might just use that.

I also tried on my own - I tried just adding eggs, applesauce, and some water to make it mix better. The applesauce because I read in various cooking guides that it provides the same cohesion to baked goods as eggs. I found out the hard way this is not true. The attempt was a flop, but I might try again after reviewing the cake recipe some.

And good point, @mellored; is that the only nutrient that is lost to cooking?

As far as i’m aware.

Unless you burn it, then you lose a lot more, but that’s the same with any food.