Soylent Bridge is Great


Great product that tastes great and I hope it allows me to lose some weight by replacing Soylent with Bridge.


Weird, I never even heard of this product until your post.

It’s protein to calories ratio is in line with a lot of protein bars. Assuming it’s soy or some other good quality plant protein, it would make a nice post-workout snack. And it has better micros than any protein bar around (although in their defense, that isn’t their goal).

Protein bar comparison: Clif build bars are 20g protein with 280kcal, so they have less protein with more carbs than the bridge drink. PowerBar has 20g protein with 210kcal, so that has more protein per calorie. 200-280kcal is pretty much the range for a 20g protein bar that I’ve seen, bridge at 20g would be 240cal, so it’s in the range.



at my local walmart
not called Bridge but its the same!


The retail versions of Soylent are all now packaged like that but this is a brand new product with only 180 calories. It’s supposed to be an in between snack. The link above should go to the product page and give you more info. Also you can purchase it.


Interesting how I failed to notice this too. That’s neat though, maybe this was created with Canada in mind?


WTF? Soylent bridge?? Seriously Rosa Labs, you guys need to get better about announcing new products! I had no idea this existed. Or is it really that new?

Oh rats, for a moment I was thinking this was a new “bar” replacement. But it’s just a smaller drink. Seems like an odd choice… people can’t just drink say half a normal Soylent bottle? I do that all the time.

Really want there to be a Soylent bar again!


I see people here and on Reddit writing Bridge off as simply being the equivalent of a half-bottle Soylent, but if you look at the nutrition breakdown there are actually significant differences. This could be a big deal for Soylenters who want a high-protein, low-carb, and/or restricted-calorie diet. But from my POV, the price point and lack of an original flavor are major limitations.

This is what I worked out comparing the nutrition facts for Bridge to the regular Drink/Cafe. Someone please correct me if I’ve made any mistakes.

A 400-calorie bottle of Drink/Cafe breaks down as follows:
20g protein
21g fat
37g carb (3g of which is dietary fiber)

A pack of Bridge is 180 calories, but to make a fair comparison of the macro breakdown to Drink/Cafe, I multiplied the contents x2.22 to show what you would get if you consumed 400 calories’ worth of Bridge:

33g protein
22g fat
22g carbs (6.7g of which is dietary fiber)

So basically that fat stays about the same, but you have significantly more protein, more than double the fiber, and dramatically reduced net carbs.

Bridge also appears to be more micronutrient-dense relative to the calories. A 400-calorie bottle of Drink/Cafe contains 20% DV of each of the micros on the label, whereas 400 calories’ worth of Bridge nets about 33% DV for most of the listed micros (a little less for calcium and potassium).

That all looks like awesome news to me. But unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ll be buying much given the price point. Per calorie, Bridge costs roughly 150% the price of flavored Drink/Cafe – which was already not cheap. Of course, one should reasonably expect Bridge to cost more per calorie since you’re getting relatively more protein and micronutrients (which cost more to source than cheap carbs), but that’s a LOT more money. Ouch. Not sure my wallet could handle me making Bridge into a major dietary staple. Of course, it’s being marketed as a healthy snack, not as a meal replacement, so maybe I’ll keep some on hand for that purpose.

The other con for me is the (so far) lack of an Original flavor in Bridge. Even with these much-improved macros, I prefer being able to mess around and doctor my own mix of Soylent + various supplements, some of which are flavored. Original Drink is great because it provides a blank slate I can flavor to taste how I want. So it would be cool if they released Bridge in Original (and other flavors), but I’m not sure how much demand there will be for a neutral-flavored snack beverage. I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve ordered a case of Bridge to see what I think of the taste, but because of the price and currently limited flavor offerings, I probably won’t end up buying as much of it as I otherwise would be inclined to.


Ahh ok, I see the differences now. Thanks for that writeup! It does look interesting. Personally though I suspect I’ll stick to adding the occasional bar, nuts, or my other usual snackie items along with Soylent. I started out constantly tweaking my Soylent with powder, but now I’m so spoiled by the RTD bottles, I love not having to “do” anything to them!


I guess it is mildly correlated to the price, but what are your thoughts on the sizing? Small bottles tend to be much more pricier and at 180kcal 15g of protein seems more marketed towards protein shake drinkers, in my opinion.

Personally, I would’ve liked the 400kcal version more.


I would have preferred 400kcal bottles as well, simply because that size would presumably be more economical for the same volume. I like to mix a full bottle of Soylent at a time with my DIY mix and then graze on it over the course of several hours.


Hi Bill, Sorry to hear you missed the news on our launch day. To be notified of our new product launches or general news about Soylent, please subscribe to our newsletter if you are not already. You can also find us on social for more updates. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you! Joanna


Hi Dan,

That’s our ready-to-drink 11oz tetra packs exclusively sold at Walmart and Target. Soylent Bridge is currently not sold in retailers and can only be purchased via Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, Joanna


Bridge is very tasty, even my 11 and 13 year old daughters liked it.


Just tried my first Bridge. It’s pretty good. Tastes similar to Cacao, except a little bit more watery and less creamy/milkshakey. It’s a little less sweet. The chocolate flavor also seems maybe a bit more chocolatey in a way I find difficult to describe. There might be a tiny bit of an aftertaste there – artificial sweetener? – but it’s so faint that I’m not sure if that’s any different from Cacao or it’s just in my head. Overall, not quite as tasty as Cacao, but still very palatable.

I also really like the packaging. It’s the first time I’ve ever had no complaints about the process of opening an RTD Soylent – there is no outer wrapping, no foil seal, and no difficulty wrenching off the cap. Just a simple twist and that’s it. I would love it if the packaging, or at least the lid, was like this for the 400kcal Drink/Cafe bottles. (Assuming there is no significant disadvantage in environmental impact, anyway. The package is recyclable but idk how tetrapak compares to plastic bottles overall in that department.)

Again, really wish it were a little cheaper, more economically sized, and came in Original and other flavors. I guess we’ll see what they do with it over time.


Do we have to re-subscribe to the newsletter since the website changed or something? I’ve always been on the newsletter since the very early days, but I didn’t receive anything about this.


Apparently we do. I was a subscriber, didn’t know I’d been dropped, but it looks like I had to re-sign up.

Really weird. Most companies are hard to get away from once they have your email address. But Rosa apparently drops you whether you want it to or not?


Huh, I’ll have to check mine. I just assumed that I overlooked the email.


I actually enjoy the tetrapack Soylent size you can get from Walmart and Amazon. And it’s actually only .01 USD per protein gram. Convenient and a good size for breakfast or late night snack. Plus, there’s no weird smell like the rocket bottles.


Yeah, I didn’t get an email about this, either. I found out on Instagram by chance. I just resubscribed to the newsletter. At the least, they could have told us had to resubscribe if we wanted to continue receiving it…