Soylent Bridge permanently discontinued

I ordered more Bridge recently and got an email back from Soylent saying it is being discontinued. I’m not happy. Stacked and Cacao are not good substitutes at all, unless they start making a Stacked option without caffeine.

The email:
Subject: Soylent Order Update - Item Not Available
From: Danni (Soylent)
Jun 29, 2020, 8:57 PM PDT

Hello A.J.,

We are reaching out to inform you that we unable to fulfill your order and your order has been cancelled.

Sadly, we will no longer be offering the Soylent Bridge - Chocolate. This item has been discontinued and we have no immediate plans to bring back this item. The chocolate flavor that you love is still available in our Ready-to-Drink collection and featured in our beloved Cacao and Stacked beverages. Please click the following links to be directed to the product pages:
[Cacao link]
[Stacked link]

Your payment method has been refunded for this item and should be credited back to your account within the next 3-5 business days. We are terribly sorry for this unfortunate update and any frustrations this may have caused.

If there is anything else we may assist you with kindly let us know. We hope you have an awesome day and rest of your week!

Soylent Team


My daughter loves bridge. She’ll be sad to hear this.


I thought Bridge was a great drink! I’m surprised they’re ending it so soon. I guess it didn’t sell.

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Is Bridge the same one that’s sold from some grocery stores and Walmart? I think it might be the same but without the name “Bridge”. You could stock up with what Walmart has in stock.

Or maybe they are just discontinuing the Bridge branding available through the website, and it will remain at Walmart.

Soylent Bridge was 180 calories and 15 grams of protein.

The four-packs are 320 calories and 16 grams of protein. They were introduced to be sold in Targets and Walmart.

Yeah, I was super bummed about Bridge being discontinued as well. I drank them in place of a can of soda while eating snacks as a healthy alternative for about the same number of calories. It was a great ready to drink option for times when I didn’t want a full 400 calories.

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I was worried this is what happened. I vastly preferred bridge over all the other drinks and liked having it as my emergency stash when I didn’t line up my powder consumption properyl…


Tbh I’m surprised to hear there were any fans. Most people said “drink half an RTD”.

Of note: Amazon seems to still have a stock of Bridge leftover. No idea how much they have, but I’ve been able to order a significant amount through Amazon.

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Amazon just notified me that my Subscribe and Save of Bridge is out of stock :(. I think this is the end… I was already suspicious when every new delivery had the same expiration date (2020-11-24).

I guess I’ll have to switch to Original plus protein powder now, ugh. That kind of prep really defeats the purpose of Soylent…