Soylent Bridge powder


Is a Soylent Bridge powder in the works? I’ve purchased multiple bags and bottles of Soylent, and would like to get most of my nutrition from it, but regular Soylent is just too high in calories and carbohydrates for exclusive use. As such, I’ve been waiting for something like Bridge to come out, but now that it has I won’t be buying any until it’s available in powder form; the environmental and personal financial costs of shipping the water in the Bridge bottles (as opposed to just a powder) are just too high to justify doing so. And I’m not the only one; there’s a demand for low-cost, low-calorie, low-carb nutrition that a Bridge powder could fill.


I do not know what a ‘Bridge’ product is. It sounds interesting as I also would like a lower calorie/carb product.


Here it is:

It sounds like it’s meant as a “healthy snack” option.


Bridge powder. Why don’t you just use the regular powder in smaller quantities? That is one reason it is available in powdered form, so that you can use whatever quantity suits you. Also, I’m not sure how you reached the conclusion that Soylent is high in carbohydrates. Look at some of the other threads - it is low in carbohydrates, and somewhat high in fat (but it is healthy fat.) There has been some discussion of that here.


I agree with some of what you say, tho. Shipping plastic bottles filled with mostly water is not an environmentally friendly practice. Personally, I use mostly powder (and add things to it, like bananas, to improve the experience) and occasionally the cafe drinks for those early a.m. starts.