"Soylent brings joy to my heart"


I know it is from a few days ago, and it was posted on Facebook, but I thought it was a good blog entry about some of the positives of Soylent:

For some of us, soylent has become so ingrained in our daily lives that life without it is almost incomprehensible. Blog entries like this are terrific for me because they closely mirror some of the same thoughts and feelings I have.


This is the best article link you have posted in the last few days. Much more positive and upbeat.


But the “ingrained” aspect is worrisome. I think that’s what makes people so bitter when the flavor changes direction. Soylent tends to work its way into your lifestyle, and there’s no good way to go if it changes too much. It feels like a betrayal. That’s why I hope that flavor packs and/or different varieties become available.