Soylent: Bulk Packaging vs Individual


I may be wrong, but wouldn’t Soylent HAVE to be packaged individually? You couldn’t create large packages of Soylent because the nutrient ratios would be off and there is no way to ensure homogeneity.

With that in mind there is no bulk purchasing, it would have to be individual servings. Right?


I imagine so. I can’t see any other way it would be done. Similar to the reason why multivitamins are in caplets and not powder form. The only ingredients I find that are in powder form are those where there is only one ingredient, I imagine for this reason.


Are you thinking of issues like, for example, the more dense ingredients (minerals) settling to the bottom during shipping? Or something completely different?


I’m willing to guess that we’re just talking about pure logistical efficiency at this point. Having a bulk container would definitely be more economical and easier to handle than having a lot of individual little packets, but what can you do. :stuck_out_tongue:


how about a bulk container containing all the individual packets… :stuck_out_tongue: