Soylent Burgers?

Has anyone tried adding soylent (DIY or otherwise) to their hamburger mix?
I’m very curious about the effects it might have on the burgers taste and texture as well as cook times etc.
I have used bread crumbs as an additive before and thought of using my upcoming soylent 1.5 in place of it.
Any thoughts would be welcome and appreciated.

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I have an on-going project. I made a DIY soylent burger recipe. It turned out a little…off. A little too chewy or gummy. Either due to additional fiber and/or because I had to mix it a lot to mix in the powders.


Interesting. Would you be able to snap me a shot of what the meat looks like?

IMO it looks completely normal.

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Yeah it certainly does look rather normal.
have you tried any other mixes in the past or is this a new project?

New and on-going project. I’ve only made one recipe so far. Need to tweak it for the next batch.

I look forward to hearing how that goes.

Keep us updated. Actually looks pretty good. :+1:

I’ll probably do more burgers next week. This week’s project is … burritos!

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First one was 500 calories. It was a little too big for the tortilla, but tasted great. Resized the ingredients down to 400 calories and it makes a really great meal! I made up half a dozen and stuck a few in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. I’ll probably have one a day and see how they reheat throughout the week.

Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, did you use soylent powder to make the burger bread and the burrito? Or did it go into the things that are put between it?

It’s a custom powder I designed. I mixed it into the burger patty. For the burrito, I just sprinkled it inside with all the other ingredients.