Soylent but Deadly


I’m probably in the older end of the age curve for Soylent users, so thought my experience could be unique. I’ve read with interest some of the discourse and can really relate to some of it while finding other comments either ridiculous, humorous or neurotic. I’m almost 70 and I’ve seen it all. I am in my third week of using the product. Here is a bit of what it’s been like with a few side comments.
I backed Soylent in early May so it took about 5 months to get up and operational. During those months I occasionally did wonder if perhaps this was some kind of hoax. Seemed like an awful lot of trouble to get 65 bucks, though, and there was that article in the New York Times. So I do know where some of those conspiracy theorist comments came from. I had to laugh at them, as well as at myself, as I waited. Let’s face it, we Americans don’t have to wait anytime for anything, so it ain’t one of our strong points.
Eventually the shipping arrived creating great excitement as I’ve been spreading the myth of Soylent like crazy among all of my family and friends. You know . . . these genius engineers going broke out in SF and having to invent a way to survive, the possibility of feeding the world, the potential to have NASA using it in space, the concept of utility food and recreational food, and on and on. I mean, how often is it that you can tell someone something that they don’t already know everything about?
My heart fluttered as I cut into the box! Should I save the shipping tape and packaging for posterity? Quite a big deal. I can identify with those nervous nellies who seem so “All Shook Up” with this new experience. It does have the feel of a turning point.
I started using Soylent only as a breakfast substitute for the first week then stepped up to breakfast and lunch the second week and am holding at that level now. I eat a regular meal in the evening, nibble on this, that and the other during the day and have a couple glasses of wine to cap things off. Pretty quickly I could see that this was going to be a success for me and I put in a re-order so I wouldn’t get out of sync. I was thinking it might take a long time to get the next shipment because of the initial experience but it came in only a week.
I felt all the same things everyone seems to mention at first: the grainy texture, the vanilla cake powder similarity and the better the next day and better when cold aspects. I pretty much liked the taste right off. In fact I’m a little concerned that I won’t like the 1.1 as well which I will encounter in the next day or two as my 1.0 is depleted. But whatever, it’s too convenient to worry about the taste very much and can easily be flavored if need be.
Over the last three weeks I’ve had a couple of headaches. Especially after nights when I had that extra glass of wine. Not on Soylent’s blame list! Come on, you have a headache during the first few weeks of trying this and you think it’s because of the product? It hasn’t caused me to be dizzy either. And I haven’t fainted, felt generally tired or thrown up, though with the political condition of my state I probably should have. I disagree with the guy who thought the shaker container was cheap. I thought it was terrific, well engineered and functional. Also, not really any particular problem with gas. My son did accuse me of being “Soylent but Deadly” but I’m almost sure that was the nearby paper mill or maybe those politicians.


Isn’t there post about how Soylent change how alcohol affect bodies?


Rolf, so far Soylent hasn’t seemed to have had any such effect on my body. Also, it doesn’t seem to have effected the way I use alcohol! Perhaps there is another entry somewhere that could shed more light on this idea.