Soylent Cacao Pouch - v1.9 Formula - Use within two days?

Hi all,

Can I use to contents of a Soylent Pouch v1.9 Cacao to create individual drinks over a period of one week? I realized that the mixed drink needs to be consumed within 2 days. Is that the case for the powder as well?

I have sealed and kept the pouch in it’s original packaging and refrigerated it. Any storage instructions that I need to follow?



Sounds like you’re doing fine. The powder won’t last as long once the seal is broken, but you’ll be good if you’re using it within a week. The two days is once water has been added, and numerous folks here have gone quite a bit longer than that, but ymmv.


I don’t think there’s any need to refrigerate the dry powder as long as you reseal it well.