Soylent Canada Shipping update?


when will my one month supply of soylent be shipping to canada? will it be in Q2 2014?


Near the end of the year. Many Canadians have looked at a parcel forwarding company to get it to their house.


which ones do you recommend? any parcel shipping service you know of?


I don’t know of any. You could contact a friend in the US and have them ship it.

If they were to send it via USPS Flat Rate, they’d have to use 2 boxes to ship one month. The weight limit is 20lbs/box. It would run between $80 and $100USD.
Via UPS Ground, assuming shipping from Riverton, UT to Toronto, price is about $80USD.


I signed up with I ordered two months worth so should hopefully be getting mine before the end of May. Not sure if you’re hoping to do something right away, but my plan is to write a post with my experience when I find out whether it works or not. I’ll try and remember to send you a message if that helps.