Soylent CEO Could Face Criminal Charges for LA Hilltop 'Experiment'


Payan also says he suspects the container isn’t secured, so, “If an earthquake comes, that thing’s going to roll right down the hill and crush everything in its path.”

Wait for it…

and Roy Payan, who is the public safety chairman of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council a self-appointed guardian

I challenge anyone to find something more hilarious than the complaints of a self-appointed Home Owners Association.


I don’t know how much, if any, of that is true.


The most egregious part is that he cooked his pet Soylent-fed pig!


Such a rebel.

I find it hilarious.


Well, no-one’s asking you to date the guy or anything.


Not BirdDog!!

Say it ain’t so Rob!

I guess BirdDog was a mini-pig, so if you fancy a barbeque but you’re trying to restrict calories, good option.


It’s not funny man. He put a shipping container on some land that he owns.



Ok, ya’ll had me worried that he actually bbq’d his pet pig. But a mini-pig isn’t going to feed a full party and leave enough for leftovers.

…I bet he did feed bbq pig to his Soylent pig, though!


On the one hand, he dropped a modified container on land he owns. Free country. He could also have erected a gazebo or fit trail and people might have loved it, but the neighbors just dislike the container.

On the other hand, the graffiti, trash, and condition show he’s not maintaining or securing his property appropriately, and this does affect the neighborhood.

Both points of view are easy to exaggerate.


Of course, some people like graffiti.

Equally, some people don’t like shipping containers on what appears to be quite a nice hill.


Who? Other than the people who draw them …


Me. Got some great stuff near where I live.

Admittedly I wasn’t keen on the stuff on Rob’s shipping container, but I’m no art critic.



And other unruly types


Bacon is like catnip to a pig. So… does that mean catnip is made from cats?


What kind of ridiculous word is this? The vernacular of today’s generation makes me cringe (I say this being part of said generation.)


Also, I found this gem while looking at the article’s comment section. Can’t tell if kidding or not:

Solent will be gone soon. Its already $3 a bottle
Down fro $4.


I wouldn’t want to do it myself but I think the whole experiment of living in a shipping container is kinda interesting. I get the impression RR just likes trying different things just to see what happens. He’s fairly young and he’s probably got some coin in his pocket since Soylent is doing well so he could be throwing it away on an expensive apartment and bling and going to the clubs every night. Living in a shipping container is weird but not in an indulgent or cliched way.

I wonder if he really lives there and only there rather than having a backup place. If so that’s pretty amazing, if not alluring.


The weird part is that using a shipping container as a building is actually a normal idea that people have tried a million times. Of all the out-there ideas that Rob has experimented with, this one is completely mundane.

All that garbage does make Rob look bad though.


Take a Walking Tour of the Mission’s Vibrant Street Art

But that’s clearly not the quality of the graffiti we’re talking about on the container on the hill.


I think the experiment was more about trying to live without using much resources (I think there’s no electricity or mains water up there), as opposed to specifically in a shipping container.

As discussed, unrelated to the shipping container (as far as I know) on his blog: