Soylent CEO Could Face Criminal Charges for LA Hilltop 'Experiment'


Regarding the apology: nothing like the threat of jail time to scare someone into compliance. Good on RR for being so mature.


You may have already seen Rob’s blog post was back, but for those who haven’t, here you go.


You’ve got a wee typo there, I believe it’s spelled “cool people”.


An article on Buzzfeed about a promotion they had contained this information:


The shipping container idea is pretty stupid, simply by virtue of being a shipping container. A small cabin (with or without a flatbed trailer) would not only be easier to insulate, but is more customizable in size & cost. If you make one look like an actual house, neighbors are less likely to complain about its appearance than a shipping container & it probably won’t get vandalized.

I’ve also entertained the idea of creating a self-sufficient house using a monolithic concrete dome, but I’d settle for a geodesic.


Wood vs. steel house in forest fire country.

You tell me which is stupider.

edit: Monolithic domes are the best structure I can think of.


Who ever said it had to be made of wood? I just think the corrugated steel walls of a shipping container are more hassle than they’re worth.


I honestly don’t know anything about it, but I always assumed the draw for shipping containers was the fact that you are recycling something that would otherwise be discarded. (Also, would it be cheaper to use them than other ways of construction?)


$1800-$5000 for one.

Also, you don’t need insulation in southern California.


Yeah, the shipping container home experiment has been a failure. Not sure why RR is coming to the party so late.


If the shipping containers are in such a bad condition that they need to be recycled, would you really want to use one as a house? There’s probably a plenty of better uses for them.


Insulation is always good. It doesn’t just keep heat in in the winter, it also cuts power consumption down when running air-conditioning in the summer. I’ve never been, but I imagine SoCal gets pretty hot in the summer.


You are probably right. Like I said, I don’t know what I am talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:


No. SoCal’s weather is ridiculously stable. It’s why it’s such a popular place.

San Diago’s average low in January is 50F, and the average high in august is 77. Easy enough to get though with a few blankets.


I don’t know what part of SoCal you’ve been going to but the heat combined with the mild humidity we’ve been getting lately makes it stiflingly hot half of the year


Yeah, sounds like a climate change denier.


In summary: “sorry, not sorry”.


I was born in San Diego and go there every month or so. The great temperature readings that you see are from carefully selected balmy areas that indicate San Diego is a lot nicer than it really is unless you happen to live on the coast. Rule of thumb: When Los Angeles is sweltering, so is San Diego.


It tends to be cold and cloudy on the coast. So it’s no good there either.


I grew up in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach and La Jolla, so I know sometling about the area. i like it cool and overcast, it’s what I think of as beach weather.