Soylent Changed My Life

I like to tell long stories and this one is no exception. About 2 years ago we got a new engineer at our office and we invited him out to lunch a few times which he politely declined and I thought nothing of it and moved on. One of our more curious engineers approached him as to why he never would eat with us, he replied “I’m weird and I drink my lunch”. If you knew this other engineer that answer wouldn’t suffice so he pressed him and learned of Soylent. He soon after got a subscription and I playfully mocked them both because I love food and I could never change my relationship with it. Mind you I am 5’8" and 230 lbs at this time and on cholesterol meds because my eating habits were so poor and I led a sedentary life. What changed for me was I became a grandfather and when I saw that boy for the first time I knew I had to change something if I ever was going to see him grow up. So I approached my coworkers about Soylent and they pointed me to the subscription page. I started replacing 2 meals a day with 1.7 powder in January of 2017. I am a stubborn person and when I make up my mind on something it is pretty much the way it is, so I just kept at it. It wasn’t even really about losing weight in the beginning, just more about cutting out fried fatty foods and being more aware of what I put into my body. Now Soylent wasn’t the only thing that changed in my life, I also was eating healthier solid foods for the meals that I did not replace, mostly chicken with rice and broccoli or green beans among other healthy options. I get most of my meal ideas from Honestly I didn’t even get on a scale until spring, but I knew that I had lost weight because I felt great and my pants didn’t fit anymore, and I needed to buy a new belt because the one that I had worn for years no longer had enough holes. So fast forward a year later, to January of 2018, I needed to get a biometric screening for health insurance incentives, and for the first time EVER, my numbers are all normal. Blood pressure < 135/89, BMI < 28 and most amazing total cholesterol < 239. My cholesterol actually dropped from mid 250’s to 178 total and I am no longer on Simvastatin. My weight is currently 176, and I am still technically ‘overweight’ for my height, or at least on the border but I feel immeasurably better, and although I have hit a plateau recently, I attribute some of it to winter weather and less exercise. The biggest thing to take from my experience is not the end results though. Don’t get me me wrong, knowing that 60 weeks later I am about 55 pounds lighter is great, but weekly that is less than a pound of weight loss, it would have been very easy for me in the early days to give up or give in to going out for lunch with coworkers again, but I am so grateful that I didn’t get on the scale, the numbers were just too daunting. By the time I weighed myself 3 or 4 months later, I was down about 20 pounds and that helped me knowing that I was slowly getting healthier. I don’t know how I would have reacted to getting on the scale every week and seeing either no change or only 1 pound change. That is how Soylent changed my life and why I will be eternally grateful, and why I would recommend it to anyone looking to be healthier. I didn’t take before/after pics but I do have a fat me pic and a me now pic.



I am not the one in the tank top, even though everyone says my son is my clone, I digress since he started bodybuilding


Thanks for sharing your story. I sent it to the entire office.


My diabetes was classified as out of control a few years ago. Yesterday a doctor referred to it as well controlled. I think 2.0 had a lot to do with it, as well as earlier versions of powdered Soylent.


thanks a lot for your encouragement! when i just registered here i felt as if soylent is in fact capable of changing my life either! hopefully i will get same results as you did. congrats by the way!