Soylent charged but haven't ship my second subscription


I have a second subscription with soylent for an extra week since December 17. Soylent charged my card but I didn’t see any notifications of shipment for more than 3 weeks.
Can you have that second subscription shipped and combined those 2 subscriptions into one from next month. I am running low.


We can definitely combine your 2 subscriptions into 1 – you will now have 1 subscription at 14 bags/month – your next subscription shipment for next month will charge your credit card $60 for the 14 bags as the credit of $70 will be carried over. You will also save $10 a month by combining the 2 into 1. Your next billing date is January 21. You will receive a shipping notification within 2 weeks after the bill date.


Thanks for replying to my post @Soylent.

I did check my manage subscription page, but I only saw the new subscription has been cancelled and the old one kept the same. Is that correct ?

P/S: I also email you guys about the same issue after posting on here, if you already solve it, please ignore that email.



You haven’t combine my 2 order into 1, you guys just cancel one of my subscription. Please do as you mention above please. !

Also, if you guys are unable to do it, please reply to me.