Soylent charging for re-ships - haven't even got first order


On June 5, 2014, I ordered a one month subscription and was charged $255. Today I was charged another $255 for my second shipment…even though I haven’t received my first. Since I ordered in June, I probably won’t get my first month’s order until late 2014, so I’m assuming this isn’t normal.

Anyone in the same situation?


Tagging @JulioMiles



Are you a backer or just a new customer, I better check my bank account now.


Thanks @gilahacker.

And I am a new customer.



That’s no good! Just refunded the 03-July-2014 payment, you definitely won’t be charged again until after your first delivery ships. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks! I’ll keep my eye on things on August 1st just to make sure :wink:


BAM! Thanks for the quick resolution @JulioMiles!


Charged for both shipments. Received the first one, have a FedEx notification for the second.

Both charges went to a credit card with several thousand dollars in available credit, so I am not exactly sweating the timing of the charge.


I have a similar deal going on. My 5 weeks ordered before 25 April will arrive tomorrow and I started a subscription on 4 June as well and was charged on 5 June. That reorder shipped today, then they attempted to charge again today but I only put enough funds in that account to cover known charges so it was declined. Since I have a total of 9 weeks arriving by this weekend (according to Fedex) I don’t think I need the second reorder until the end of August if possible. Tagging @JulioMiles

Thanks in advance.


hmm, this concerns me. @JulioMiles, my subscription shows next billing as being July 9, 2014, but I have yet to receive either of my two 1-month orders. Can you assure me that I won’t be charged ~July 9?


I foolishly cancelled my subscription after my first order out of fear this would happen. I saw the next billing date was two months before I was due to receive my first order and panicked. Now I’m scared when I go to reorder, I won’t get the 1-2 week shipping.


I think that as long as you use the same email as your original order they will treat your order as a re-order.

I just signed up for subscription of 4 weeks and was only charged for the one order (so far). Surprisingly they shipped the re-order in 4 days.


I also was charged recently for my second order. It’s no real biggie to me. I thought it meant my first would be coming soon but that was 2 weeks ago or so. Looking at the response above I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not. My First order before the deadline second order after by a day. Both through Backerkit. Any advice?


I’m an original backer from May 2013. I purchased a combined two weeks before the backerkit site closed. Then purchased two additional weeks May 2014 and was charged for them. Total of 4 weeks pending. Should I expect to be served in this current que?? No emails received to my inquiry 3 weeks ago.


After my first payment went through, I changed my payment method to a credit card account which uses Virtual Account Numbers and authorized a maximum charge less than $255 on that virtual number…so in case Soylent tries to charge before I receive my first order, the charge will be declined. As soon as I receive my first order, I will change the payment method back to a card with sufficient funds so that re-ships can be charged correctly.

Easier to be proactive and prevent the error than try to fix it after the fact.


I’m not particularly frazzled because I was charged for the second shipment, nor do I want a refund. I just thought that when I was charged my order was going to be shipped out relatively soon, also taking into account that I am a backer from 2013 and increased my total order size twice.


If your second purchase was before April 25th, 2014 with the same email address, they will be combined into the 4-week queue. If the second two weeks were purchased after April 25th, they will remain separate and you will remain in the 2-week queue.


New orders placed after the 4/25 cutoff will not necessarily be incorporated into the shipping queue based on order size.


Thanks for the info, two week queue it is. I wonder how many people are in the three, two and one week queue?



Looks like Soylent’s error cost me $14: