Soylent Charging Without Shipping Product

@soylent_team When did Soylent start charging for product before they even have it to ship? I was just informed that Original Powder bags will be out of stock until sometime in April. The payment for my order was processed (Soylent received payment) 5 days ago and the order status still says that it will arrive in 3-5 days. There was no indication that the product was out of stock until I contacted customer service.


Yes this happened to me as well. Contact their customer service and ask for a refund or wait for the product to be back in stock.

They did the same thing to me in March. The email said the product would arrive in 3-5 days, but that never happened. I emailed them and they said they were waiting for more product to arrive in early April then they would send my order. I didn’t mind waiting. But about a week later I was notified they cancelled my order and would refund my money.

Last week I received an email notification for my April order which also said my order would arrive in 3-5 days. I immediately contacted them to see if this was really the case. I wasn’t, They replied back saying the product is still out of stock and they expect to be able to ship to me in mid April. I hope this is true, but I am not sure if I believe them or not.

Has anybody tried Huel? I emailed them to see if they have their powder products in stock. They do! So I may try them out if I can’t get my Soylent order by the end of the week. If I like Huel, I will probably cancel my Soylent subscription.

Why is Soylent sending out confirmation emails stating I’ll receive my order in 3-5 days when they know this isn’t the case? Why are they charging my credit card for product they don’t have in stock?

I am worried about getting my Soylent as well. I ordered Huel specifically as a backup when Soylent powder was out of stock a couple months ago. I could barely drink it. I forced myself through drinking about 400kcal in the morning until the first package was gone (3.5 days worth at 2000kcal a day). It also gave me the horror farts that Soylent used to give me.

That being said, Huel is cheap enough to give a try. I do have a couple days worth of Huel left, but opted to buy more of the Ready To Drink Soylent instead.