Soylent Chemicals Going Into Solution?


Just looking at a few of the basic ingredients in Soylent, I’m a bit concerned about it going into solution. People have already discussed soylent fermenting and exploding if left out, warm for any period of time, so it’s definitely a fairly chemically active mixture.

However, I’m more concerned about the sitting’s effect on the nutritional value offered. For example, Creatine is used in production Soylent, and Creatine is known to change properties after sitting in water for extended periods of time.

What other chemicals are in Soylent that act similarly, and is it something we should worry much about? I know a lot of people actually prefer to eat after letting it sit overnight, saying it tastes better, but is that affecting the nutrition in any major way?


All you need for fermentation is sugar and yeast, and the right temps. Fermentation releases CO2 (which is created by the yeast) hence the ‘explosion’ if left in a sealed container. I wouldn’t chalk that up to Soylent being ‘chemically active’.

As to the effect on nutritional value, I don’t know but would be interested in how it changes over time.


Creatine changing properties after sitting for extending periods in water. Overnight in the fridge is hardly an extended period.


The creatine in that test was left to sit for 45 days. I kinda doubt anyone’s gonna consume 45 day old Soylent.


There is no creatine in Soylent 1.0.


Aha, well there ya go. I actually wondered as I’d never heard it mentioned, but didn’t bother to check for myself.


Ah, good catch, I was reading the old formula. I wonder how much of the mental boosts reported earlier were a result of creatine, I assume not too much.
Various good points have certainly been made, particularly with temperature and reaction times, I suppose it really isn’t a major issue, and testing will show that.


In any case, if you look at the Table 1 on page 3 of that paper, degradation is minor after one day.