Soylent/choc chip holiday cookies

Alright so long story short, I have a holiday party to go to and there is a cookie competition. I used a leftover bag of Soylent 1.0 with considerably less water than normal (just enough for it to resemble dough) and a bag of chocolate chips. The result? Nutritionally (more or less) complete giant cookie.


I see you ate a square. How’d it taste?

Well ya gotta sample right? They’re good!

To be fair the chocolate chips damn near double the calorie count, but hey. It’s the holidays :smile:

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Nice. I gonna try eventually. :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever figured out how to make a crispy/crumbly Soylent cookie? All I’ve tried or managed to make myself have been very soft. Still mighty tasty and satisfying, but sometimes you just want a cookie that snaps when you break into it, ya know?? :slight_smile:

Have you tried adding some rolled oats? That can help add some “grit” to them.

I haven’t… but I can certainly see how that might help. I was hoping to figure out how to make cookies that didn’t really have a lot of other structural ingredients added. Otherwise why not just make oatmeal cookies? :smiley:

Tell us how it goes…