Soylent Chrome extension


Hello All,

I am Ashwin and I have created this extension for chrome that tells you how long the wait time for new orders and re orders is going to be. If you guys could perhaps give me an outlook on the usefulness of this plugin, I would be grateful.

This extension is on chrome web store and can be found here :



I’m sure someone will find this useful, I just don’t see the point of it.

Are you getting the data directly from the Soylent website?

Or do you put in when you ordered and if it was new or reorder and it gives you a countdown?


I can’t really see much need for this since the estimates don’t change too often and are usually accompanied by an email when they do; I suspect that many people would probably prefer not to install a third party plugin for something that can be handled by a single sticky note near their monitor. Bundling that in a more general purpose Soylent extension which ties into discourse and maybe gives notifications of announcements from RL personnel and/or updates to the main site could be a very different story.

That said, any time spent writing software instead of watching netflix is time well-spent, so kudos for the initiative regardless :smile:


Hi Kryptic,

Appreciate your feedback. I take the data from the website directly. Couple of weeks back I was checking Soylent and new orders were taking from 4-5 months. Recently, it has been around 2-3 months so I just wanted to do something that gives me the average wait time for orders in a single click rather than go to the page and scroll down every time.


Hi Nwoll27,

Thank you for the feedback.I will try integrating what you have said in the next extension.