Soylent clogging drain

After using Soylent for a short while my sink started clogging. I don’t think I poured an excessive amount down the drain, but it happened rather quickly after changing nothing else. I stopped using it, and the sink went mostly back to normal. For a few weeks I tried eating healthy, but now I’m frustrated with that enough with to try to make Soylent work again. Is there something I can pour down the drain to help it along?

Why is there Soylent in the drain? As for your question, I do not really have an answer.

  1. Pour Soylent down the drain.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Because that’s where I wash dishes. The little bit that’s left over that sticks to the bottom ends up in the drain when I rinse it out. Should I be dumping it out into the trash can?

I think this is a classic Soylent coincidence problem. There are a lot of threads were people wrongly blame Soylent for all manner of health issues because “it was the only new thing”. In this case the “health problem” is a clogged sink. Chances are something other than the residue clogged your sink and it was just coincidence that it happened at the same time you started Soylent.


I’d have to agree with this… my wife and I consume about 2/3 pitcher of v1.5 every day for quite a few months now. We rinse the pitchers and our cups in the same kitchen sink, and haven’t had a problem this entire time.

If you’re still having problems, try a drain cleaner… at times when my garage sink has plugged, I’ve had great luck with one of the foaming cleaners, and my wife’s grandmother keeps her perpetually-challenged old pipes clear by using an enzyme-based treatment about once per week.

When you finish a container you could swish some water around in the container and then drink that delicious watered down Soylent. Get more bang for your buck and stay hydrated doing it!


Sounds like a pre existing condition with your pipes :sweat_smile:. Use some drain cleaner

Maybe. My sink got clogged a few years back after my friend poured cooking fat down it without hot and/or soapy water, because the fat congealed into a nice waterproof blockage.

Obviously a fair percentage of Soylent is fat; I could imagine that maybe separating and congealing down there. (Then again, I can imagine a lot of stuff that has no basis in reality.)

Iif that did happen, then just hot water with washing up liquid (do Americans perhaps call it dish soap?) in it might be enough to clear it. And if not, you’d expect that any regular drain cleaner would dissolve the blockage.

Soylent is far from being a pure liquid. It’s actually a large amount of various solids suspended in not all that much water and oil. So if any non negligible amount is being poured down the drain, you should think of it more like watered down pulverized oatmeal and rice, which does not sound like something that’s ideal to be pouring down your kitchen sink. And while some kitchen drainage pipes may be able to easily handle a bunch of Soylent being flushed down the drain, preferably with plenty of hot water, toilet drainage pipes are designed much better for that kind of waste.

But the fat in Soylent is unsaturated which is liquid at room temp and we are just talking a tiny residue not a full batch. What congealed and clogged your drain was saturated fat (right?) which is solid at room temp.


Aha! Yes I think it was. Although we probably shouldn’t discount the possibility that Bluevertro’s sink pipes have a resting temperature of 2℃.


Given that no one else seems to have had this problem I’ll try it again. This time applying dish soap and then drain cleaner should it clog once more.

It also could be Soylent interacting with some other existing clog. Like if you had something stuck in the trap that Soylent causes to swell.

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I am going to guess its a combination of a pre-existing layer of gunk and thick Soylent being poured into the drain, rinsing for five seconds does squat.

I know its taboo to use excessive water, especially in particular places, but fill and rinse your cup/pitcher with water before pouring out.

I have not experiences the clogging you describe, but I have experienced cleaning out a glass of dried Soylent left overnight, it sticks and hardens yes but all you need is some warm water to clean it off.

Soylent has been clogging my brain. :head_bandage: :scream:


Get some sulfuric acid:

(don’t forget to dilute it)

I already solved the problem by switching houses. ;p

Also by not eating Soylent anymore due to bad reactions from it after eating for a while.

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oh – what type of reaction?

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Ah yes, the simple fix.