Soylent + coffee in the morning


when I do this I make sure I’m close to a bathroom so I don’t… soylent myself :joy:

really though, best BMs I’ve had in my life, would recommend as daily morning ritual


I made a mistake of mixing the morning dose of coffee into Soylent. The problem was, I usually sipped normal dose slowly from large mug, but in the small cup of morning Soylent, it became more of a coffee shot. Result was rather explosive.


I mix cold brew in with my morning serving of soylent, and it’s given me no issues. That’s definitely one thing I do not miss about Soylent.


i’ve mixed strong black coffee with soylent 50/50 and had no issues. i have had the urge to use the bathroom after drinking soylent on an empty stomach… but then i don’t have a gall bladder anymore and well, that’s a thing… lol.