Soylent + coffee


Has anyone blended soylent and coffee? I’m thinking about trying it in the morning but wanted to see if anyone has any recipes or experiences doing it.


Yes go for it. There are a few ways to go. You could use coffee as your liquid and blend in your powdered Soylent. You could take liquid Soylent, use about 1/4cup of water to dissolve some Starbucks via and add that. It will be like a latte. Add some Hershey special dark cocoa powder for a mocha flavor.


Also, I have seen instant coffee suggested.


I’ve been mixing decaf instant coffee and it tastes just fine; however I’m still on Soylent 1.2, so I don’t know how it will work with the latest version.


I’ve used instant on its own and also with a bit of cocoa. Both worked out just fine. I suggest experimenting. Instant would be easiest, but brewing some coffee to mix the Soylent into may yield the best tasting results. (I haven’t tried that approach, personally - once it’s brewed I drink it ASAP. lol)


I add a single packet of Starbucks Via to my pitcher of 1.3. It neutralizes something without adding sweetness. The mixture doesn’t taste like coffee, just neutralized.



Homemade iced coffee concentrate is perfect for Soylent applications:


I mix about a teaspoon of Nescafe Classico per serving for my breakfast and lunch servings; but I’m not really a “coffee drinker” so I add just enough special dark cocoa powder to neutralize it.


I do it all the time, with extra strong dark roast coffee preferably


Dear coffee adders, just be sure not to consume coffee+soylent at night. Just regular soylent will do :smile:


I’ve had no problems with it.



You are amazing :smile:


I tried this and, unfortunately, over caffeinated myself - an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Be careful about how much caffeine you are consuming and when.


I’m confused…why not just have a coffee and drink the Soylent separately? What the hell am I missing…you’re not going to ruin my coffee or espresso… I just finished both…had my espresso and then my Soylent drink…both tasted great!!! Separated!!!


I think the idea is to flavor Soylent not to save time by only having to drink one.


Well, in my case, I don’t really like coffee, but am trying to reduce my intake of artificial sweeteners used in most soda and don’t quite feel ambitious enough yet to enter the potentially dangerous territory of powdered caffeine.


I use 1 via pack for every 2 scoops of Soylent 1.4, then I add a healthy dash of cinnamon


Just make sure it is ceylon instead of cassia cinnamon, or if its cassia use the least amount possible.


Why would that be? What difference does the region of origin really make?


It’s not the region of origin. They are two different (related) species, and the key difference between them is that cassia contains many multiples more coumarin than ceylon. Very high intake of coumarin may lead to liver damage in some people. Not something to worry about with occasional use, but if it’s a daily staple of your diet…