Soylent + coffee


What about SToK? Anyone here tried it? How’d it taste?


I use Soylent like creamer. I do half a mug of Soylent, and fill it the rest of the way with hot drip coffee. (It doesn’t mix the other way around.) It’s a warm and nutritious start to the morning! ++OSM with 1.4.


Been there, done that. It’s yummy.


I like chasing my soylent with coffee. I haven’t tried mixing them. The contrast of the hot coffee chasing the cold, smooth soylent has a satisfying palate-cleansing effect. The flavors may blend well, but I like the difference in temps and textures as counterpoint to each other.


I just put a splash of Chameleon Cold-Brew black coffee concentrate to my Soylent test blend (Soylent + liquid coconut oil + coconut flour + “natural vanilla flavored” whey protein isolate). I can smell the coffee over everything else, but the flavor blends with the coconut and vanilla. Since it’s past 2pm, I didn’t want too much caffeine. I’ll definitely use more for breakfast to kick up the flavor


I’m new to Soylent and only have experience with 1.5. I brew a pot of coffee at night and put it in my shaker bottle overnight in the fridge. In the morning I add 2 heaping scoops of Soylent to 18 ounces of cold coffee along with a half a spoon full of good old sugar. Shake hard and it tastes pretty good. That way I have my coffee & breakfast all at once.


I take a caffeine pill most days, which I really hope is not dangerous.


I am fairly certain most pills are fine as long as used responsibly, but powdered caffeine is usually so concentrated it becomes reasonably possible to inadvertently overdose if not enough care is taken in determining dosage; you need a reliable milligram-precision scale, or (my plan was) careful dilution so you have reasonable certainty per fl.oz/tsp/whatever.


Ah, ok. You wouldn’t accidentally overdose on caffeine pills unless you took more than the recommended daily amount on the bottle. I take one 200 mg pill on mornings when I don’t feel like drinking coffee. I only ever take one pill a day. So I think I’m safe.


So, you’re basically saying trying soylent with coffee is worth it? Well, now I’m going to have to try this method!