Soylent Coffiest change in quality


Hey! I’ve been consistently drinking the soylent coffiest variety pack for breakfast and lunch at work for almost a year now and I got to say, there have been some issues with the taste/texture of the stuff in the new long neck bottles.

I get them off Amazon and it seems to be a 50-50 chance between getting the squat square bottles and the long neck ones. I don’t really know why, but the last two orders that came in the long-neck variety packs had some weird things going on with them I have never experienced before.

  • The Cafe Mocha has had a distinctly bitter metallic aftertaste to it on two separate occasions. So much so, I thought it may have gone bad at first.

  • One of the Chai had some chewy quarter-sized lumps in it.

I just thought you should know!



Some people reported issues with cocoa in the new bottles. I only got one box of new cocoa, the rest were square, but my box seemed fine.

Sounds like maybe the bad bottles of yours weren’t mixed properly? Metallic flavor could come if one of the micros wasn’t evenly distributed among the bottles in the batch, and the chewy lumps sounds like some sort of flour wasn’t mixed in enough.


You’re definitely not alone here; something’s changed with Cafe Mocha for the worse.

I’d contacted Soylent support back in January about quality control issues with Cafe Mocha. I’ve been getting it for over two years, and only starting with my boxes in January did the taste seem way off–like super diluted, watery chocolate milk with a very slight coffee taste (not so much metallic taste, that I’ve found). I’d rate the bottles from the January orders maybe a 6/10 (and sometimes below that for some bottles). Normally, Coffiest/Cafe Mocha tastes to me like straight-up coffee with cream and a slight chocolatey taste.

For comparison, I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in flavor like this for Mocha or Strawberry, just Cafe Mocha.

I was able to get replacement orders back then for the bad ones in January, but the replacements really didn’t fare much better in the flavor department.

It’s definitely concerning since I order Cafe Mocha more than any other flavor, and I’ve had to resort to delaying my Cafe Mocha subscription through Rosa Labs and getting mine from Amazon now, like you. Their stock has tended to be older and still the flavor that I expect.

However, the bottle type doesn’t seem to be a factor in my experience; through my Soylent subscription, I’d been getting Cafe Mocha rocket-style bottles for several months last year, and they’d tasted normal until January.

The bottles I’ve gotten from Amazon are mostly the sqround-style, though some boxes have been the rocket-style, and all I’d rate at least 7/10 or above in flavor (so within the realm of what I expect).

I’ve been keeping track of the batch numbers on the bottles to better determine what may be happening here. I’ve shared with the support team a few minutes ago the batch numbers I’d consider good and those I’d say are bad, so hopefully we’ll be able to find out what’s going on.

I can’t see myself continuing my Rosa Labs subscription until the issue is for sure sorted, and I’m not sure for how much longer the stock that Amazon has will taste ok. I have gotten some boxes with later expiration dates that still taste ok, so there seems to be pretty spotty quality control now. In case location matters since I believe you get stock made nearest you, I’m in the upper East Coast area.

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Why buy them from Amazon? They probably purchase from some sort of distributor, and who knows how fast the products are moving off the shelves. I only buy directly from RL.


If you buy from Amazon as subscribe & save, then you get 15% off. But lately Amazon has been doing crazy things with their prices, so it’s no longer that great a deal compared to a direct subscription.

And I know exactly how fast they’re moving off the shelves, because I check the expiration date. :slight_smile: I think I’ve only gotten one box with less than six months before expiration, so they send it out soon enough. I’d be really surprised if Amazon bought from a distributor. Amazon sells enough Soylent, and is good enough about cutting out middlemen, that buying indirectly wouldn’t make any sense.