Soylent Commercial


@rob hellow Rob and others. what happened to the plans of doing a new introduction video on soylent? Is it not time to do a new video and perhaps a commercial.


We’ve got a final cut of the new intro video, it will be released along with our new site @ launch!


ohh nice. do you have a sett webb adress already and a website adress.?

Could we have a kind of a sneak peek her on the Soylent forum
? a picture from it. a couple of seconds preview?

that would be so exciting. :smiley:


While not a comercial or a set address, in the 3/22 update there was a post with a link to the beta version of their new site.


I dunno, I kinda liked this one (via a parellel universe internet gateway)…


That ones pretty good i like it.


Yeah I found it months ago when googling for information about soylent corporation. At first I thought it was some beta site a developer had left online. Then I realised it was based on the movie and had nothing to do with rosa labs. I especially like the subtleties - like listing the head office of the waste disposal division with the same physical address as the food production faciity.

Of course none of this has anything to do with Soylent 1.0 from rosa labs. The website is a parody/creative writing excercise I expect. Cute but entirely fictional.

What did surprise me is the site mentions Soylent Corporation as copyright holder. Not Rosa Labs. First time I have personally seen the legal entity Soylent Corporation refered to officially. No big deal, just curious.

I’m keen for the site to launch, start taking international orders and shipping the long awaited soylent beige.