Soylent compatibility with Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) technology


Just want to ask - will Soylent be compatible with this technology -



3D food printing. Interesting.


I think I’ve seen this on Star Trek.


Yes, as I can see investigations was conducted with water, dry food concentrates, flavour additives and hydrocolloids ingredients (xanthan and gelatin). It will be interesting to check possibility to create printable hydrocolloids with adding a Soylent as a feeding component and flavours additives and may be some food dyes for better “look and feel”. And probably gelatin can be replaced with agar-agar for vegetarians. Some additional investigations needed.


Yeah :slight_smile: This investigations was conducted with help of Fab@Home 3D-printer:

At first sight this technology move us back in “usability” with need to spent extra time for food preparation. But with help of automation this process can be again made as easy as using pure Soylent. With some kind of specialized home food printer like this concept models, for example:

And these automatic mixers/printers can be used also to prepare Soylent suitable for a condition of the user, for example when he experiences the increased physical activities during sports activities or when user is sick and more vitamins are necessary to him/her.