Soylent Competition And Taste Test Story by Time


Time piece on Soylent competition and their taste test:


Is it really still a competitor if it can’t be used for every meal throughout the day, though?

If it’s only 500 calories, and it has over 50% of your protein & half your fiber needs, is it expecting you to make up the rest in fat and sugar alone in your other meals?

Though I’m always skeptical of anything purporting to be ‘all-natural’ and ‘organic,’ I gather more will come out of the woodwork with a better, more complete method (eg: spaceman & 100%food). We should probably start a chart showing the similarities and differences of each…


Ambronite is not a “competitor” by any stretch of the imagination. Its $239 on indiegogo (a $10 discount) for just 7.5 days worth of calories (15000 calories). If people are freaking out over a complete product for $300 a month then they are really going to flip at $1000 for a month of something that isnt complete. It sounds like the stuff could taste pretty good. I love naked juice green machine. But for the price of this stuff is their really that much nutritional/cost benefit of buying this stuff over Naked juice green machine?



That’s true, but there are so many unique factors (super-easy, 100% filling, really cheap, nutritionally complete, etc) about Soylent that there are currently a lot of people who may only be putting up with Soylent because it is the only product that meets a single requirement. I suspect some people currently intrigued by Soylent will gravitate towards other alternatives that better fit their needs in time.

At this point though, I don’t think Ambronite is Soylent’s main competitor. For years, Under Armour would tell you that they weren’t worried about trying to compete with Nike and Reebok. Instead, they saw their main competition as the cotton t-shirt. Soylent is creating an entirely new market. As long as they continue to bring new people in, they needn’t worry about folks like Ambronite. They’re focused on frozen quesadillas.