Soylent Consumption With No Gallbladder?


Are there any adjustments one should make to soylent consumption if someone has had a gallbladder removed?

It is one of the most common surgeries to undergo. (Around 600,000 are performed in the United States each year.)

For those that don’t know, the gallbladder stores/concentrates bile (produced by the liver) for release after the consumption of a fatty meal. (Bile aids in the digestion of fat.) Bile is still released after the gallbladder is removed, just not stored/concentrated before release as with a gallbladder. This can lead to digestive problems, generally after meals high in fat content.

Anyway, does anyone have any advice, or is soylent good as is?


Advice would be to drink more smaller meals


Also consult a doctor.


I had my gallbladder removed about 6 years ago and have been eating DIY soylent for about 60% of my meals (breakfast & lunch every day) for about 1.5 years now and have never had any digestive problems due to the lack of a gallbladder. My current recipe’s macros are: 38% Carb, 27% Protein, 35% Fat so it doesn’t match Official Soylent’s macro ratios but the fat content is not too far off. I actually just ordered some of the official Soylent since I hear that orders are shipping fairly quick now and I don’t suspect I’ll have any trouble with this either (but if I do I’ll update to let you know). I expect I’ll continue using my DIY since I really like it but when I heard that product was getting shipped within about a week I HAD TO get some to try.

However- from what I have read, discussed with my doctor, discussed with other people that had the same surgery it seems that reactions to this type of surgery can vary in the way people handle high fat meals. For me I have seen/experienced no issues at all, I seem to be able to eat whatever I want with no change from before the surgery. If your experience with regular food has been like mine I suspect you’ll have no problem too but if you do have digestive issues with high fat content when eating regular meals I would expect a similar reaction to Soylent. The 1.4 version lists the fat content at 40% so it is definitely not considered a low fat food.

As you have probably seen in many discussions here it is smart to start slowly when first using Soylent. Try one meal a day for a while and see how you like it and how your body adjusts to it and go on from there. If you have trouble then consult your doctor for advice.
good luck


I also had a cholecystectomy about 10 years ago. I did experience some serious digestive issues after the surgery, but I don’t think any of that was related to fat. One ongoing issue was that I developed diverticulosis, and found I needed a steady dose of probiotics (DanActive worked wonders). After several years, things got better and I no longer required the probiotics.

I haven’t tried official Soylent yet, but I have been using 100%food for 70%+ of my diet over the last six weeks with no real trouble. I take 1/2 serving at a time, so I have several small meals throughout the day instead of three big ones. For the most part, powdered food has been much better on my system than traditional food. However, I did discover that I occasionally need to take probiotics again to avoid bouts of diverticulitis, but that is most likely due to the seeds in 100%food.

I plan to try official Soylent at some point, probably after 1.5 comes out. Judging from my body’s positive reaction to 100%food (sans seeds), I do not anticipate any problems due to a lack of a gallbladder.