Soylent cookies/bars... ideas?


I can tell you that Soylent batter (can’t really call it a dough) is very, very, very sticky and soft. It’s rather difficult to work with in any way other than baking in a pan/dish. The one time I made actual cookies (one spoonfull at a time dropped onto a baking sheet) it made one hell of a mess and wasted a TON of raw material between my hands, utensils, etc.

I’ll post my ideal recipe as soon as I feel like I’ve really nailed it. As yet I’m probably up to about 90% happy with my best test. That test’s method was (including my notes afterwords):

11.20.14 #1

2 Tbls maple syrup
2.5 Tbls canola oil
1/2 cup liquid Soylent

1 cup dry Soylent

mix wet ingredients together
add dry ingredients to wet
mix until consistency is thick but still spreadable
Let stand for one half hour
pour into wax paper-lined pan
refrigerate 4 hours
Bake on high 5 mins
Let refrigerate overnight
bring to room temp, cut and serve

Forgot to grease the paper before pouring into pan - it got really stuck.  Slightly hard at the edges, soft in the middle.  Quite tasty actually, mild flavor but pleasant.  Nice aftertaste.  A little too soft I think, would be nice if it was more evenly cooked overall.  Maybe a lower temp for longer?  Or maybe conventional oven would be better?

Could probably use a little more dry Soylent, or less liquid.  Maybe reduce the oil slightly.


My first attempt ended up rather mushy, like a dense little-too-moist brownie. (my initial belief that the texture was perfect was really just over-excitement that it wasn’t dry) so here’s my second attempt. Unfortunately, it has created more of a soylent cake than a soylent bar. Probably because I included an entire egg, which was really more of a religious decision (if baking cookies with my mom can be considered a religion).

1C soylent powder
1/4tsp Baking soda (I didn’t have baking powder on hand, likely made a notable difference in texture)
pinch of salt
dash of cinnamon
Chocolate chips (because duh)

1T Brown Sugar, packed
2t white sugar
2t butter (really just a “pat” of butter)
2t oil blend
1 egg
1.5T water

Mix together wet ingredients, mix wet into dry, bake at 370 for 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean

So far no bar, but if you are looking for a soylent cake, just add frosting to this and voila

UPDATE: not sure if the soylent is the culprit, But i ate about 1/3 of the mix I made, and 10 minutes later my mental status has significantly deteriorated (I believe earlier soylenteers had called this “brain fog”). Bake at your own risk. I feel pretty crummy now.

DOUBLE UPDATE: not sure whether the effects of last night were from the soylent cake or not, but this batch held up much better than the last one to the test of time. They were just as good, if not a little better, the next day, no refrigeration necessary.


Wow that’s surprising. Looking at your ingredients the only thing that stands out to me is that you used both brown & white sugar together, and not much water. Have you not had much else to eat for a while? Maybe eating this tricked you into feeling like you’d eaten, when really you haven’t had enough food? I know I’ve done that to myself countless times, though not with Soylent…


I suspect it was perhaps the opposite problem. I had already eaten dinner and then some (not soylent). Perhaps I just ended up eating too much


Ahh ok, yeah overeating is easy to do with Soylent since you can consume it so quickly, adding it on top of a conventional meal could’ve done a number for sure.

I’ve also found the same thing - that Soylent based solid foods get a bit better after a day or two. My imagination says it’s the equivalent of “soaking” overnight, but that’s probably pretty silly.


New here and been thinking a lot about this topic. I started using Soylent after trying the cacao a couple months ago and absolutely love it. I went searching for some recipes for bars and found this thread. Can anyone share their experience with the new cacao flavor? I’d imagine no extra flavoring would be required, unlike the old formula/original flavor… Though I like the idea of cinnamon and might try that in my drink tomorrow.


And now I deeply apologize because I realize this thread is in an ENTIRE CATEGORY dedicated to the topic… Please just ignore me and I’ll keep reading other threads