Soylent Cost Structure


I get 7 days of Soylent per month on a recurring order, which costs me $70 per month. If I paid one time for a full month (28 days) on a non-recurring order they’d charge me $300. That would be like doing a 7 days per month for 4 months but paying in advance and getting the Soylent all at once. So instead I just do 7 days per month recurring.

I could do 28 days per month recurring for $255 and then cancel after one month, which would save me $25 over 4 months ($70 per month times 4 months = $280). And then after 4 months start up again. I could do that but it would feel like I’m gaming the system or cheating or something, so I don’t.

But the price structure should be such that if I’m on a 7 day per month recurring order and if I decide to just buy 4 months (28 days) at once I could do so at at most $70 x 4 = $280. I realize that with orders backed up so much already such a change is pretty low on their priority list but I hope they get around to changing it eventually.


Indeed there’s a fair amount of room for improvement with various aspects of the subscription system. I’m hopeful that it will be improved at some point but yeah… not likely a very high priority!


Pausing and unpauseing your order isn’t gaming the system. They have the pause/unpause feature for a reason. Now whether or not they respond to pause and unpause requests in a timely manner is another question.


As a producer, I wouldn’t look at “buy four weeks, pause for four months, repeat” as gaming the system. I’d look at it as ordering in such a way as to minimize shipping costs. To me that feels like you doing the work of pausing/un pausing to make up for a gap in the software.


If pausing and unpausing isn’t gaming the system then nobody ever has an incentive to do a one time order. Even if you only wanted to try one week one time you’d have an incentive to sign up for a one week recurring order and then pause it after you got the one week. That’s the problem, namely that cost structure doesn’t make sense.

And yes, Soylent would be saving money by shipping me 4 weeks worth all at once rather than by shipping me 1 weeks worth 4 times. So the cost structure doesn’t make sense there either.

Unless perhaps if you pause and then later unpause you go to the back of the line and thus you have an incentive to not pause because you lose your place in line. But I don’t think that’s the case.


I’m curious. Why does this bother you so much? They are rewarding you for buying in bulk and being a recurring customer. If you ultimately decided not to be a recurring customer then oh well no skin off their nose. They still made a profit and there are plenty of other customers.


Of course, buying four months’ worth at once is not as good for you as a customer because you might not get the current version.So I don’t think that should be encouraged by the company.