Soylent cravings

I’m finding my palette craving Soylent more and more now (even when I’m not hungry). When I do have a muggle meal it’s usually accompanied by a soda which gives me a sugar fix sufficient to ward off any immediate desire for dessert. The dessert craving (always chocolate) would kick in 90-120 minutes after the meal. Now I hardly crave chocolate at all… just more Soylent. In fact even some of my old favorite muggle meals don’t attract me unless they’re right under my nose. One of my friends who’s been on Soylent maybe 25% for the last 2 months actually desires more muggle food. Not me. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I get the cravings too. It makes a nice, filling late night snack. Some heavy Soylent snacking days I find myself frustrated when I realize I’m down to 500mL and its only around 5pm.

It’s weird I initially ordered a week’s worth to see if I’d like it enough to go full Soylent. The week after without Soylent I found regular food less appetizing and was craving Soylent. So that odd craving wasn’t just me then?

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I find myself craving Soylent after eating “muggle” food; they are especially strong after eating nutritionally lacking|imbalanced foods. It is like my body knows (more than it used to) when I’ve just put garbage in it and says, “I know you enjoyed that, but it really didn’t ‘do it’ for me”.

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It’s strange… I kindof miss “craving” other foods. Or chocolate for that matter. Now if you put a good pizza or chocolate shake in front of me I’d have no problem scarfing it down (and would enjoy every bit!). But I no longer crave these things in their absence… Just crave more Soylent.

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Just finished a two week run on 1.4. Although I haven’t experienced any cravings, it may or may not be affected by my addition of two tablespoons of Hershey’s Dark Cocoa to the mix. My overall experience was quite satisfying, and I made sure never to consume any mix after 8:00 pm, and had no trouble doing so.
Most gratifying of all, I went from 232 lbs. to 213 lbs! This with no significant exercise due to severe lower back and neck injury, so thus far I am quite pleased and will increase my intake to the full month on my next order until I am satisfied with the result or something else changes my appetite…I’m not a gourmet by any stretch, and would just as well spend the time saved (including dishes) for more worthy projects. BTW, I’m a 62 year old combat wounded veteran, and my appetite is often erratic and I don’t always eat the best food.


So today at (muggle) lunch I was yet again trying to explain to the uninitiated how I can crave a bland beige viscous liquid over normal food much of the time and I think I may have come up with a useful analogy… It is true that I have much fewer cravings for the usual triggers (chocolate, pizza whatever…) but hard to describe the Soylent craving.

I was telling my friend it’s not so much a taste that I crave… so what is it?

It’s kinda like if you’re really thirsty then a glass of water tastes great. It’s not that water “tastes” great, it’s probably the definition of ‘neutral’… yet just like I may crave water when thirsty, I now crave Soylent when I’m hungry.


I’m jealous. I crave both regular foods AND Soylent. :stuck_out_tongue: (though I do crave regular food less than I used to, but I’ve been using Soylent for 6 months and the cravings are still there)

But yeah, I get that. Mostly I think of craving Soylent as craving nutrition? I definitely feel “off” and somehow lacking if I don’t have it.

Reviving an old thread… Just wondering for those of you on both 1.5 and 2.0 if you’ve seen your cravings migrate towards one or the other?

I adjusted to 1.5 quickly and liked 2.0 right out of the gate. I still enjoy 1.5 in the mornings but I’m finding later in the day (as well as an accompanying muggle meals) I prefer 2.0. Not that there’s anything wrong with this (except perhaps for my wallet).

Just wondering if others have noted any evolution on their preferences between the two…

Yeah, all I want is 2.0, especially when I wake up in the morning.

I am on 2.0 day three and get cravings now. I am thinking perhaps it’s the body craving the nutrients it gets from the soylent?