Soylent customer service, where are you?


Can I reach soylent customer service on this forum? I have sent three separate emails over the course of about 1.5 - 2 weeks (soylent shipped only half my order) and have yet to receive any response apart from the automatic acknowledgement message. Customer service was getting so much better for a while there; what happened?


Took me about a week to get an email reply also for the same reason with 2.0


I have been noticing more complaints of this sort recently on here. I wonder if they are getting overwhelmed from more inquiries lately or something?

Perhaps they should hire more customer service reps. I know how frustrating it can be to wait several days (weeks?) for a response.


I assume the mold and subsequent shipping delay created a customer service backlog, but that was never directly communicated.


When 2.0 started shipping again and I queried about one of my lost (sept 23) shipments, sometimes I wouldn’t see a response (other that the auto acknowledge) but I WOULD see action… i.e. 24 hours after sending my email I would get the shipping email or see that it did get picked up by Fedex (perhaps just coincidence… no way to know for sure)… but no email. Then after all is done I’ll get the “how did we do?” email. I guess if I had to pick one, action is better than words… but it still would have been nice to get a “We’re looking into your order and will see that it ships within 24 hours” or something to that effect…


Strange… I contacted them last Friday and heard back the next day. Maybe I was just lucky.

I think you’ll have better luck getting attention if you tag @Conor though…



Ultimately our CS team is experiencing higher than normal ticket volume, we are working to address the issue.


Wow, yesterday RL took my money for this month’s full subscription of 1.5. Today FedEx says they are delivering it by – today!


Big picture. In the last two years, Rosa Labs has gone from a half dozen people working out of an abandoned garment factory to a company distributing 400,000 bottles of Soylent a month in two countries. There are going to be some hiccups.

This Medium post gives a good insight into how complex and chaotic it can be to manage distribution at such high volumes of product:

“How We Spent $500 on Tech to Ship $2.6M of Soylent”


Unfortunately, FedEx was telling an untruth. That weekend, the projected reception date changed to “Pending” and instead of receiving my Soylent the day after they charged me, I received it four days after they charged me. Still fast shipping, but poor at managing customer expectations (mine). I was out of town when it actually arrived, but a friend lugged it indoors for me.