Soylent deal: Shipping to Europe


I want to make the following deal :

  1. I will pay you in advance 1 month soylent + shipping cost to europe + some extra we can agree on
  2. You will order 1 month (extra) to your USA adress, right after you get the money.
  3. I won’t complain about shipping delays that are due to the soylent company.
  4. You are a user with lots of posts here, so that I have some trust that you are not some criminal more interested in my money than shipping soylent to my adress.

If you are interested, you can send me an PM.


Why not use one of the established services that do this everyday?


What kind of established services are you talking about ?
I don’t know of any. I thought maybe I could let it send to FedEx in the USA, but I couldn’t find any option like that.


You could try or
I’m having my Soylent shipped through


Existing pledges are locked down, meaning that it’s probably not possible to change the shipping address for one’s initial pledge. Placing a new order to a US address would likely result in it shipping around July, making it an unworkable option for those who’d like to get their hands on Soylent in the near future.


It’s july, or otherwise soylent expect it to take another 6 months, which means 12-48 months knowing how bad soylent is in estimating shipping time.


Have you used it before?
How can you know there won’t be a problem at customs?


I don’t think you can ever be 100% sure, but if you research your country’s customs practices and requirements, you can at least confirm whether or not there SHOULD be an issue.


tl;dr: For low value orders like these, only a general description is usually needed to get most products through customs.

I have a little insight on shipping as I wrote the shipping software for the company I work for. So I do not deal with the complexities of shipping every day but I know some of the inner workings of shipping, especially with UPS and FedEx.
Note: I’m not experienced with the shipping of anything food related.

To ship something between countries you need a little more information than shipping domestically.
This is usually more precise descriptive information of what you are shipping.

For shipments with a single commodity at or above a $2500 value, an EEI/SED form is required. These are often filed for orders that total $2500 or more as well, as they can smooth passage through customs.
These forms detail what is being shipping and include Harmonize Codes to describe what is being shipped.
A couple codes that could be valid for Soylent: Food Supplements Harmonized Code Supplement & Protein Powder Harmonized Code

However, for low priced shipments like what an individual might have for Soylent, at most all that is required beyond domestic shipments is a simple description of what is being shipped in general, in this case something like ‘Food Supplement Powder’ would work.

Each country does have restrictions on certain imports or imports worth over a certain amount.
Most of the cases I’m familiar with involve imports above a certain value rather than of specific types.
Customs tends to be most concerned that any invoice paperwork you include is matching what is in the box than anything else.


I’d be open to discussing this more with you.


I did not want to say this byt, @JulioMiles, if you do not start sending to Europe, kenpachi zaraki will be on your ass


I want it shipped to Spain, have checked UPS and FedEx as they say on the MyUs site and I think it won’t be a problem. Contacted MyUs to verify but I haven’t heard from them yet.



How big are the 1 month boxes? Just to get a guesstimate shipping cost.


@Ado Good question, I begin to think that shipping soylent from USA to europe using something like fedex, may be ridiculously expensive. Shipping from USA to Netherlands seems like 200 dollar for a 5kg box… whaaat ?


Maybe that is the real reason that they are not shipping soylent internationally yet.
I mean, soylent boxes are quite big, and quite heavy.
A month worth of soylent ways around 15kg ?
Try to get that to the other side of the world, without doubling the costs.


I had this exact thought, but then why wouldn’t they just accept that it would cost more to ship internationally and reflect that in the price for international orders?

My bet: they’re looking into international distribution (and maybe even manufacturing) centers. That would dramatically reduce the in-hand cost of the product, while explaining the long timeline we’re seeing.


Quite simply, Rosa Labs cannot guarantee that the things will pass through customs until they read up on laws and maybe get extra certifications. And if they cannot guarantee it, then they will have very unhappy customers if things gets stuck costing them both reputation and money.

And while they could offer to sell it “at buyer’s own risk” that is just not good business practice and the customer’s who ignore that warning will still complain on forums / blogs / twitter and hurt their reputation. If you’re willing to take the risk, just go with a reshipping service for now.


A lot of companies list the restrictions and its up to the consumer to review and determine if its viable. Most health food places do that.

Its safe to get it shipped to AUS… all i need to do now is to get a full shipping container shipped here and i’ll be set to be the exclusive reseller in ANZ.


Did anyone here manage to ship it to Europe via or

If so, how much was the shipping cost? If not, can anyone tell me the exact measures for an weeks supply so I can check for my self? I’m in Germany and have a view friends in the US who would relay it to me but I’d like to know how much it is going to cost me.


1 week box is 21x11x6 and weighs in at 10lbs.

Ask them to open up the box and secure the oil (maybe a piece of tape on each lid), as well as add filler to take up the void. May be cheaper to ship a whole month if you can swing it, rather than separate weeks. If you don’t like it I’ll bet you can sell it off to fellow Europeans in want of Soylent and recover your money.