Soylent deal: Shipping to Europe


I’d like to go for the 14 bags but there are probably much more difficult to ship due to size, weight and customs.

Can anyone tell me the size and weight details on the 14 and 28 boxes?


They band the boxes together, so just multiply the width by the number of boxes you want, do the same with the weight.

2 weeks is 21x11x12 and 20 lbs;

4 weeks is 21x11x24 and 40 lbs.

Your friend could easily repack 4 weeks into 2 boxes though, you can almost get 3 weeks into a single box.


Thank you, this helped a loot. 4 weeks repacked would cost about 230$ in shipping including tax and customs. Getting me from 300$ up to 530$ for 28 pouches. This is getting rather expensive :confused:

Have to think about it, maybe selling half of it for “premium prices” in Germany.


both and have terrible feedbacks on and on youtube


Had this service for 5 years. Pretty good and speedy.


Just signed up for Seems legit and good. Will order the smallest amount of Soylent to start with and see how well it works. Cool service! (Btw I live in Sweden.)


Use a reshipping service like or any of the others that have been mentioned in this thread.


I use to forward my Soylent (plus other parcels) - always been happy with them. I filled out all the identity verification when I first signed up - most people who have problems seem to have not filled out all the documents.


I have 33 bags of 1.0 in Stockholm, Sweden. If anyone is interested I can sell upto 25 of them, I consume 1-2 bags a month and as I wan´t to try a later version before this years end so I wouldn’t mind if my stash shrunk a bit :stuck_out_tongue: Probably I will order 1.3 in an month or two, will give away what left for free then :smile:

Soylent in Sweden

You can also use Usendhome. When I first used them for Soylent, I had them take photos of the bottle before sending it to me. I was not sure the actual bottle size were but the real (live pic) made it easy :grinning: