Soylent debuts new top shelf drink, Soylent Beige Label


Unlike its predecessors, the Beige Label contains hints of clover, honeysuckle, and caramelized l-cyesteine riboflavinate.




That popped up on my google news feed a few days ago and I was 99.9999999% sure it was some tech satire site but I had to google “techloaf satire” just to be sure because I’m perpetually waiting for a new flavor/product to try.


I feel you, also saw it in my feed and was stoked right up to the words “Beige Label,” whereupon I snorted a little.

Just saying though: they could do Soylent Throwback 1.0. Maybe toss in algal oil vials and bring back the oat fiber for us old-timers who want to relive the days of relationship-straining flatulence and fish breath.

:musical_note: Thoooose were the days :musical_note:


I’ve got some 1.0 I’ll happily sell you… :wink:


Hahaha, of course one of the Soylent Elders would still have some archetypal brew on hand. You should keep it until everyone has municipal soylent faucets, then sell it on eBay as an antique.

Well, if the fish oil bottle doesn’t explode before then, that is.


LOL just saw this reply. Yeah I tossed all the fish oil bottles as soon as I got them. Still have lots of the canola oil bottles though…